Google TV Multi-User Profiles Feature Now Rolling Out

Google TV users can now create different profiles on the same device. Originally, Google announced Profiles as a feature, which was scheduled for the 2021 release, but couldn’t make it.

When Google TV was launched with the Chromecast, it made profiles. However, it didn’t allow users to switch Google accounts on the platform.

The family members can enjoy a personalized experience if they can switch accounts. This is one of the most important features of the new UI.

Profiles Feature Was Delayed For A Few Months

Google TV Multi-User Profiles Feature Now Rolling Out

According to 9to5Google, now users can create individual profiles on Google TV. The profiles feature is supported on Chromecast with Google TV or any smart TV or streaming box that comes with the UI.

The profiles feature was announced in October 2021 by Google. It allows users to sign in to different Google accounts on the same Google TV.

The content recommendations will be available to those individual accounts, and once the user change their profile, everything will be changed. There will be a personal watchlist and assistant on each different profile.

It is said that switching profiles on Google TV will not affect any apps or logins, except on Google apps. The YouTube account will be changed and will use the account of the profile which is selected.

The Profiles feature on Google TV is rolling out to all users. If you don’t see the feature, wait for some time, you’ll get it in the next few weeks.

Earlier, Google has added support for Kids Profiles, but not for multiple adults. The company is expanding Goole TV for family members experience who prefer different content.

For Kid’s profiles, parents can select apps that should be available and set watch time limits. Earlier this month, an ambient mode screensaver with personalized cards was rolled out. It shows weather, sports, scores, and podcast links.


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