Google has announced a few new features on its streaming devices and smart TVs. With the latest software update, the company will let Google TV users add individual profiles to their devices. 

This update is similar to Netflix and Disney Plus, where every user has a different profile. Each user profile gets its own movie recommendations with a watchlist and Google Assistant.

Now Add Personalized Profiles to Google TV

Google TV Adds Users Personalized Profiles & Watchlists

Earlier, Google TV allowed the users to sign into multiple Google Accounts to use the services with different accounts. However, all the users had the same content suggestions, Google Assitant functionality, and the watchlist feature. Every activity was based on the primary account holder.

With the new update, all the profiles are personalized; every user gets their own watchlist, recommendations, and Google Assistant responses.

The Google TV app will improve the ambient mode by adding profile information to the screen. It will show customized recommendations like weather information, the latest game scores, and more.

In a blog post, the search giant said parents could set up their kid’s profiles by giving access to kids’ movies and shows. Each account has its own watchlist so that you will stay separate from other users’ lists.

A spokesperson from Google said the update would start rolling out next month on Chromecast with Google TV and also from TCL and Sony. Earlier this year, the company brought Kid’s profiles on Google TV.

Once the update is rolled out, Google will introduce “glanceable cards” on the ambient mode. It will be more useful as your profile will be updated with useful information like news, sports, and more.

There are on-screen shortcuts where users can scroll to do things like play music, quickly view photos.

Also, in live TV, there are few options added with the integration of streaming service Philo in its live TV features and in YouTube TV and SLING TV. The Philo users will see their show on the Live TV tab and recommendations.


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