The Google WiFi was officially introduced in October 2016 alongside the company’s new Pixel smartphones. The device was designed to enhance Wi-Fi network coverage and to provide easy setup and convenient access to the Internet. Google Wi-Fi is actually available for purchase In France and in Germany . The prices are 139 euros for a single access point and 249 euros for two access point.

Google Wifi Launched In France And Germany

Google posted a teaser GIF about upcoming product availability on their French Google+ page. The meaning of the image wasn’t entirely clear since it’s just an animation of some buildings growing out of the ground, as a bubble in the center reflects waves around. However, since the filename was “Google Wifi #3.gif,” I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to make a guess.

A single Google WiFi unit can act as a more conventional Wi-Fi router, however, through the power of mesh networking users can set up multiple Google WiFi devices in their homes in order to extend and improve signal strength across a larger area. Multiple access points can be easily configured with the help of a companion mobile application, which also gives users the option of setting parental control rules for the network.

Google Wifi

Devices connected to a Google WiFi mesh network will automatically switch between access points in order to take advantage of the highest speeds available in a given location. Spec-wise, the Google WiFi is powered by a quad-core processor coupled with 512MB of RAM, houses 4GB of flash memory, and takes advantage of the Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ac network standards while accommodating two gigabit Ethernet ports.

Google Wifi

The Google Wifi mesh router is now available for purchase in two new markets: France and Germany. The company’s online store in both countries has the device listed for €139. The two-pack and three-pack will set you back €249 and €359, respectively.

You Can Buy Google WiFi In Germany and Buy Google WiFi In France.

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