Everyone looking for a pure Android experience has Google’s Nexus and Pixel as the best alternative. Updated frequently and with all the news of Android are the machines of choice.

But those who can not or do not want to have these smartphones have always relied on Google’s Launcher, ‘Google Now Launcher,’ which gives them all the basic images and functionality. But Google will, unfortunately, remove the Google Now Launcher from the Play Store soon, leaving no alternative.

Soon Google Will Discontinue The Google Now Launcher For Android

Present in Android since version 4.1, this Launcher has long been restricted to the Nexus, being part of its exclusivity. Slowly Google opened it for the rest of the Android universe, extending its use.

The end of the Google Now Launcher

But at the end of all these years, with several updates and improvements, Google seems to be preparing to discontinue and remove it from its Play Store. This information is being emailed to all partners using Google Mobile Services. The message indicates that the Google Now Launcher will exit the Play Store. However, Google will continue to support this software.

Google also warned that despite leaving to provide Google Now Launcher, partners could use the “Search Launcher,” which gives access to research and information cards, which must be incorporated in other Launchers, which are developed, or What Google makes available in AOSP.

The Uncertain Future of the Nexus Launcher

For most manufacturers, this will be a simple problem to solve because many already have their Launchers; in the case of Nexus will be much more complicated.

Google Now Launcher has been the standard launcher for this device for several years, and now Google has decided that it will not make it available the new version of Pixel launcher to them. This change will thus leave these devices unsupported and upgraded. The possibility exists that Google may change its decision and make the Pixel Launcher for the Nexus 6P and 5X, which is already available on Android 7.1.2.

It is also possible that the tech giant Google does with the Pixel Launcher; yes, the tech giant Google can also make it available on the Play Store for everyone to use.

It is still premature to be sure, but Google will not want to have a strong presence in this market, ensuring that searches are done in its search engine and that users use their services using this Launcher.

Tushar Subhra Dutta
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