The competition among technology and new media companies is often characterized as a fight for eyeballs, and it seems that Google is taking the challenge rather literally.

Recently, Google has lodged a new patent that reveals a new vision-correcting electronic device. Google wants to inject the device into your eyes to correct poor vision.

Soon Google Will Launch Smart Lenses For Your Eyes

As we all know, the tech giant Google is researching more than one type of electronic contact lens, and this isn’t the first time we see Google focusing on the eyes.

So, recently a new patent was logged by the tech giant Google revealing that the tech giant Google is willing to take its research to the next level so that the tech giant Google can cure humans.

As described in the patent, “The planned device […] contains several tiny components: storage, sensors, radio, battery and an electronic lens. The eyeball device gets power wirelessly from an “energy-harvesting antenna”.

The patent also describes an external device to interface with the eyeball computer. The two will communicate through a radio and the “interface device” contains the processor to do the necessary computing”.

So, it means the device will be a smart vision correction system, which will be complete with sensors and wireless communication capabilities, that would help focus light onto the eye’s retina, and the device will carry several tiny components, including storage, sensors, radio, battery and an electronic lens, which will allow you to see through a cyborg vision.

How will the device work?

Fluid would be injected into the capsule just after surgically removing the person’s lens from the lens capsule of his or her eye. This fluid would act as glue, allowing the operator to attach the “intra-ocular device” to the lens capsule.

Now the fluid would harden to create a coupling between the lens capsule and the intra-ocular device, which will correct the wearer’s vision. A sensor would be there on the device, sensing when the wearer is trying to see something far away or close. Hence it will let that wearer or person do so with complete visual clarity.


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