We all know very well that from time to time, the tech giant Google surprises us with experiments created by its engineers, which in some cases end up becoming applications that any Android user can enjoy. Now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Google goes big on ARCore, yes, it has just launched the first cross-platform collaborative AR app.

Meet Google’s First Cross-Platform Collaborative AR App

In March, the tech giant Google introduced Just a Line, an application based on ARCore that allows, through augmented reality, to make drawings in the surrounding space.

The American company has now developed the concept even further by launching this application for iOS and making it the first collaborative, multi-augmented reality app.

The tech giant Google has recently made a major investment in augmented reality so as not to be lagging behind the competition. The tech giant Apple has its ARKit already well developed and the tech giant Google does not want ARCore to be left behind.

In order to show the capabilities of its platform, the American giant launched in March Just a Line, an application that allows, through augmented reality, to draw drawings in the surrounding environment and see them from various angles.

After a few more months of development, the tech giant Google brings new things to this application, introducing it to the iOS world and making it collaborative.

Just a Line – Augmented Reality Collaborative on Android and iOS

After launching a trial version of Just a Line for Android, the tech giant Google has now introduced an iOS version and introduced a collaborative option that allows users of both systems to share the same design.

To do this, just place both the smartphones side by side, press the pair button and, once they are both connected, both will be able to see the same design and contribute to its development.

To help with application development with ARCore’s Cloud Anchors, the tech giant Google has released the Open Source code for both Android and iOS versions.

If you want to test this application, it is already available in the application stores and promises good moments of fun to draw on the air, now with the possibility of doing it collaboratively.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

Moreover, simply click here to download this AR app for your Android and iOS devices.


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