Google's Instant Apps Lets You Run Apps Without Any Installation
Google's Instant Apps Lets You Run Apps Without Any Installation

As we all know that the tech giant Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software. Recently the tech giant Google introduced the Instant Apps feature which will let you run any apps without any installation.

Google’s Instant Apps Lets You Run Apps Without Any Installation

[dropcap]It[/dropcap] is very easy and fast to navigate a website, but apps offer a better experience for the users. Now, the tech giant Google has found a new way to combine the both in one.

As on Wednesday, the tech giant, Google showed its Android Instant Apps, a whole new way to convert any Android application in a Web address. Suppose, if you want to compare the price of a camera on a website? In the future, you can click on any link and it will take you immediately to the shopping cart within the company’s mobile app, even if you have the app installed on your device.

The product manager od the tech giant Google said that “We have evolved Android apps so they can be used without requiring the user to install”.

The Instant Apps eliminate the differences between the websites and apps that require the download, hence, it has the potential to transform the current experience of mobile Web. By providing a part of the experience of the apps, it could motivate the people to download applications that would otherwise have ignored.

An immediate benefit of Instant Apps is the mobile transactions. Suppose, if you are buying a pair of tickets to a concert, you might not want to download the app. But perhaps you not want to put the information in your credit card on a suspicious website. With a single click, Instant Apps takes you to the app so there you can make your payment. If your credit card is registered with the mobile payment system Android of Google Pay, then just with a touch you will complete the transaction.

Google Instant Apps Demo
Google Instant Apps Demo

The tech giant Google demoed the Instant Apps at its offices in Mountain View, California, last week. The company is also working with Disney to create an “Instant Apps” app version of Disneyland that serves to check the wait time to raise their games. Other partners include the Medium blogging site, the site Zumper homes found an app Buzzfeed recipes and app store photographic equipment B & H Photo.

Ficus Kirkpatrick, an engineer incharge of Instant Apps, says “The technology behind Instant Apps is very simple. The developer of an app will be able to divide their application into modular pieces of about one megabyte each so that Google can quickly download the correct piece on an Android phone and run that piece as if the app was installed on that device. Apps can request user permission to share your location, open your phone’s camera or use information that is already stored in the device to register the app”.

Hence, Ficus Kirkpatrick, an engineer in charge of Instant Apps also added that “Instant Apps does not require the latest version of Android since it works with all the versions from Android Jelly Bean, which came to market in 2012”. For now, the Instant Apps is limited previous half dozen Google software partners and gradually reach more. Google plans to allow early users to use the first Instant Apps this year.


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