Malware can be automatically downloaded on PCs due to Google’s login page bug! Google had declined to classify it as a security issue and closed all the reports.

Google’s Login Page Has a Bug! It Can Download Malware To Your PC

We hope you must have a reliable anti-malware installed in your computer because what we are about to inform you will leave you in shock. As we all know, Search giant Google is known for its better services and it has dominated the market.

We regularly use Google services like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive etc. But, what if I tell you that Google’s login page can allow hackers to automatically download files on your computer, once the victim presses the Sign in Button.

Aidan Woods, a British security researcher had found a vulnerability on Google’s login page that simply allows hackers to download files on user’s computer as soon as the victim clicks on “Sign in” button

The problem occurs because Google allows “continue=[link]” parameter in every Google’s login page URL. The parameter simply tells Google server where to redirect the users after authenticating.

However, Google has restricted the use of Parameter only to because Google anticipated that this parameter might cause security concerns. Aidan Woods also determined that or links can also be passed as valid “continue” parameters inside the login URL.

Any expert hacker can effortlessly upload malware and users who receive such links are most likely to be tricked into thinking it’s the real Google Login URL.

Aidan Woods also reached Google’s security team to report about this bug reports but they closed all of them. It was the Google’s final reply

“Thanks for your bug report and research to keep our users secure! We’ve investigated your submission and made the decision not to track it as a security bug. This report will unfortunately not be accepted for our VRP. Only first reports of technical security vulnerabilities that substantially affect the confidentiality or integrity of our users’ data are in scope, and we feel the issue you mentioned does not meet that bar ? ”


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