As we all know very about the Project Ara which was created at the time of the Motorola, almost three years ago, and was half gone, but still developed by the Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP). Recently the tech giant Google hinted that it may release its modular smartphone Ara to the developers by the end of the year.

Google’s Modular Phone Ara Is Ready for You Now

The tech giant Google announced on Friday 20, that the copy for Ara developers will be released this year. The modular smartphone project Ara which was created at the time of the Motorola, almost three years ago, and was half gone, but still developed by the tech giant Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) and should be launched in the market in 2017, which will allow you to mount a device under the measure.

There were some changes in the original project: as you can not make individual upgrade processor or memory, for example, since Google decided to put the internal components at the base, instead of leaving them as modules. But the essence remains: as you can change the camera for a better quality, install a professional microphone or connect a higher capacity battery.

The image shows that people installing a second screen on the back to show quick information, a quality microphone to record music, lenses of different focal lengths, and more powerful speakers. You could even change the smartphone screen for an e-ink, like the Kindle, just to read on the plane comfortably.

According to the reports, about 30 Google employees are using Ara as the main smartphone. In the current version of the prototype, you can install a camera module with the connected or live smartphone and can start shooting without restarting the device. To remove a module,click on the settings, touch a button and disconnect the component. Simple like that.

Although there are not many details of Ara version available for the end users. The prototype will be released to developers which will have a 5.3-inch screen and will be on a top line. It will have room for six modules that are connect to the base using the standard UniPro and may transfer each 11.9 gigabits of data per second, which is enough for basically anything.

According to the tech giant Google, companies like Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, E Ink and TDK are already working on modules for Ara. Hence, the tech giant Google will encourage the independent developers and other companies to create new features to the project, in fact, if you have any ideas, you can sign up to receive a unit Ara tests.


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