Recently, it seems that the tech giant Google’s Pixel smartphones are suffering from the severe problem. Yes, sounds really weird right, as it will be, as after Nexus 6P now Pixel suffers the same problem.

Google’s Pixel Copied More Than Just The iPhone’s Design

Is there any severe confusion if I say that the tech giant Google’s Pixel smartphone is practically a carbon copy of the tech giant Apple’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Of course, the answer is ‘No’, right.

However, it is a nice design, in fact, more smartphones featuring the tech giant Apple’s iPhone 6, 6s, 7 design have been sold more than any other smartphone design on the planet.

But, apart from all this, the main thing is, as you remember, a few days ago many users have reported problems that affected the Nexus 6P. With the new Android Nougat 7.1, the devices showed problems in the start-up and in the battery, turning itself off with just under half load.

Now, it seems that the tech giant Google’s Pixel smartphones are also suffering from the same problem. Yes, sounds really weird, when the device has about 30% of battery power it automatically turns off.

Users of Huawei Nexus 6P were enthusiastic about the update of the operating system that brought them the Nougat, but since then, the problems have been one after another and users despair of a resolution.

In addition to the Nexus 6Ps stopping and unplugging for no apparent reason between 25 and 35% battery, now the malady is also affecting the latest Google Nexus.

Some Reddit users have reported that their Google Pixel devices are also suffering from the bug that turns off their smartphone. Some Pixel phones turn off when the battery is at 30% and will not turn on again until the power is turned on.

A user with the nickname “vrski_15”, left the following information:-

“Twice in last 5 days, have the phone shut down abruptly while I am in middle of something. In both instances, battery was between 25-35%, and the phone under normal conditions should have lasted for at least next 3-4 hours”.

Huawei, regarding the problems that appeared in the Nexus 6P, removed the idea of having originated in the hardware, placing the blame on the new Android. Now the problem seems to be the new operating system from Google that brings these symptoms to the devices.

The curious thing is that some users have downgraded to the Marshmallow Android version and the problem still persists. This scenario, which is now more serious, prompted Huawei to investigate the case together with the tech giant Google. Although the company has not yet revealed the cause, probably the problems, whether on Huawei Nexus 6P or Google Pixel, have the same origin or not.


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