There used to be a time when we had hundreds of movie streaming choices. These days we have limited choices, and you can only watch movies & TV Shows by purchasing a subscription from video streaming services.

If you are a movie lover, you may know about the site Goojara. Goojara used to be a website to watch movies and TV Shows for free. It’s not a legal website, as it hosts copyrighted content and allows users to download movies & TV Shows for offline playback.

The site is still up and running fine, but it started to show more numbers of ads. Also, the video quality is declining. Hence, it is the perfect time to switch to a better alternative and remain safe.

10 Best Goojara Alternatives

This article will share a few best Goojara alternatives to watch movies & TV Shows. The sites we will share are all legal; you need to purchase a subscription and watch movies & TV Shows without worrying about anything. Let’s get started.

1. Hulu


Hulu is one of the best and leading video streaming sites you can use instead of Goojara. It’s a subscription-based video streaming service that allows you to watch endless hours of video content by paying a small fee.

If we talk about the content, Hulu has much exclusive content, Movies, TV Series, and documentaries. There’s no shortage of content on the platform, but you need to purchase a subscription to unlock all content.

The only drawback of Hulu is its availability. The site is available only in selected regions, and if you live in a non-supported region, you may have to use VPN to unblock Hulu on your computer or mobile.

With every premium plan, you also get an option to download movies & TV Shows for offline playback. Hulu is a great video streaming service you should take advantage of.

2. CONtv


If you have used sites like Goojara to watch anime videos, then CONtv might be your best pick. CONtv, previously known as Viewester, is right now the best anime video site you can check out.

CONtv is free, and you can watch every content without creating an account. However, you need to adjust the ads between the videos, which may interrupt your video-watching experience.

If we talk about the content, CONtv covers all categories of Movies and TV Shows. You will find movies & TV Shows in popular categories like adventure, comedy, action, sci-fi, drama, etc.

Although the site is meant for animated video lovers, it does have a few Hollywood movies. In fact, there’s a dedicated section on the site that hosts only Hollywood movies.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV may not be very popular, but it still has millions of active users. It’s an ad-supported movie streaming site that’s the perfect alternative for Goojara.

With Tubi TV, you can watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free. Every content hosted on the site is 100% legal, and you can watch them without worrying about any legal issues.

Since it’s an ad-supported video streaming site, you must adjust to the ads that appear while watching Movies and TV Shows. Some ads could be more annoying and ruin your video-watching experience.

The key thing about Tubi TV is its availability. You can access Tubi TV from any operating system and device. In fact, it has its official apps available for mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

4. Vudu


If you are searching for a legal video streaming site to watch movies and TV Shows, then Vudu might be the best pick for you. It’s a free video streaming site that relies on ads to generate revenue.

Like every legal movie streaming site, the ads are on the higher side of Vudu. The number of ads that appears while watching videos is quite high, and some of them can ruin your video-watching experience.

Another major drawback of Vudu is that it requires account creation to watch videos. The site is free, but you can watch videos without creating an account. Overall, Vudu is still a great choice over Goojara for movie streaming.

5. Yidio


Yidio is different from all other Goojara alternatives we’ve listed until now. It’s not a video streaming site; instead, it’s a video aggregator that shows which movies & TV Shows are available in which video streaming service.

So, if you are still deciding what to watch next, Yidio might be the best pick. We’ve listed Yidio because it works with all major video streaming services and tells you when movies & TV shows are available for free watch.

Therefore, you can rely on Yidio to watch movies and TV shows that are free for a limited time. If you already have video services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., you can use Yidio to find new and trending videos.

6. Netflix


Netflix needs no introduction, as everyone possibly knows about it. It is now the most popular and leading video streaming service, with its app available for all platforms.

Netflix is not free; you need to create an account and subscription to a monthly plan to watch the videos. The good thing is that a premium plan Netflix will unlock all videos on the site and also offer you an option to download movies & TV shows for offline playback.

Every video hosted on Netflix is of high quality, and there are no ads on the platform. You can watch videos repeatedly times without any restrictions. Everything is top-notch on Netflix, from the user interface to the video content.

However, Netflix is still yet to be available in many regions. And this is why you may have to use a VPN app to unblock Netflix if it is banned in your country.

7. Disney+

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Disney+ is a one-stop destination for all Disney content. The latest movies from Marvel were published on Disney+, and there are many popular Movies & TV Series available on the site.

With a premium Disney+ subscription, you can watch popular Disney and Marvel movies like Avengers, Iron Man, Frozen, etc. If you live in India, the service comes with an extension called Hotstar.

Disney+ Hotstar lets you watch live TV Channels, regional content, and Sports. If you live in India and don’t watch to miss out on your favorite TV Channels, Sports, and Disney Movies, then Disney+ Hotstar is the best pick for you.

Also, the plans of Disney+ are affordable compared to Netflix. Every plan unlocks the option to download movies & TV Shows for offline playback.

8. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is a part of an Amazon Prime subscription. So, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, Prime Video will cost you nothing.

Yes, you can purchase Prime Video separately, but that’s not an effective option. This is because Amazon Prime Subscription lets you access many other things, such as Prime Delivery, Prime Gaming, Prime Reading, and more.

If we talk solely about Amazon Prime Video, it’s also one of the best premium video streaming services, with its app available for all major platforms.

The site and the app’s user interface are clean and well-organized. It also has many exclusive contents, popular Movies & TV Shows. Overall, Prime Video is a great Goojara alternative that you can consider.

9. YouTube


YouTube may be the odd one on the list, but it’s still the most popular video site on the web. The site is never meant for full-length movies & TV Shows, but it does have some of them.

The goal is to find channels that upload full-length movies. Once you find them, subscribe to them and watch the videos. Yes, you can watch the videos without subscribing to the channels; if you are a movie lover, subscribing to the channel will send you notifications on every new upload.

Besides that, YouTube has a dedicated section that lists movies for rent. You can rent your favorite movies and watch them. Overall, YouTube is one of the best video streaming sites like Goojara that you can consider.

10. MXPlayer

MX Player for PC

MXPlayer used to be a media player app for Android, but it has now grown up to become a full-fledged OTT and video streaming service. On MXPlayer, you can watch videos, Movies, TV Shows, etc., for free.

Everything available on the site is free to watch, but ads pop out of nowhere. In fact, MXPlayer shows more ads than any other free video streaming app or service.

However, there are premium plans that remove ads from the app and website. You can access MXPlayer from your desktop and mobile. On a desktop, you need to use MXPlayer’s web version, and on mobile, you need to use the MXPlayer app.

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So, these are some of the best Goojara alternatives that you can consider. If you want to suggest any other Goojara alternative, let us know in the comments. Also, if the article helped you, share it with your friends.