Grab Windows Movie Maker Offline Installer Before It Goes Away Forever
Grab Windows Movie Maker Offline Installer Before It Goes Away Forever

Very soon the tech giant Microsoft will kill their Windows Live Essential apps, last updated in 2012, so, if you want then grab the Movie maker offline installer right now before it goes away forever.

Grab Windows Movie Maker Offline Installer Before It Goes Away Forever

In 2006, a series of programs began to appear that would integrate under what we know today as Windows Live Essentials, a suite of utilities for email, instant messaging, photo sharing and more, among which Windows Movie Maker is also an essential and popular tool.

During the last ten years these tools have been available to all users, but with the arrival of Windows 8 in 2012 and the withdrawal of Messenger in 2013, the disappearance of this suite was practically confirmed, having not received a single update since then.

Now the tech giant Microsoft has confirmed what we long users knew, applications that were previously available under the name Windows Live Essentials cease to be, or at least not be distributed in this way.

One of the most used tools today among all that are present in this pack is the movie maker. If you are interested in this particular software, then you must hurry to download the offline installer of the Windows Movie Maker, simply because you do not have much time left.

As told in MSPowerUser, users have still time to download as the reliable sources state that the last day to do it will be on January 10, 2017. So, you can download the installer of Windows Live Essentials by clicking here, or you can simply check out the list of languages available on the publication of WinAero.

The idea of Microsoft, as we saw with the example of Movie Maker a few months ago in an article by Windows Central is finished offering all that were present in this set of programs as modern applications, or at least those who remain interested since it would not make sense to recreate a Messenger application.

However, the tech giant Microsoft knows that Movie Maker is one of the programs that attracted the most attention of all Live Essentials, and for that reason, it is most likely that soon we finish watching the arrival of this tool as a modern application available for Windows users 10.


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