We must agree to the fact that no-one is safe in this internet world. Today we are sharing a story of a guy who challenged hackers to hack him and instantly regrets his decision.

This Guy Challenged Hackers to Hack Him, Instantly Regrets His Decision

In this world, many people, industries, and business entirely depend on their online accounts and activities. Hackers can make full use of their skilled capabilities to access our personal information in no time just for their gains. We have also noticed some high profile hacking in recent time.

We have seen the famous celebrity Jennifer Lawrence had their personal images leaked from their iCloud accounts. We have even seen NSA’s hacking group hacked! And the tools have been leaked online.

We have also seen Twitter And Facebook CEO’s online accounts getting hacked in no time. Well, the reason I am talking all about hacking stuff is because of a man named Kevin Roose who challenged a hacker to destroy his life.

Kevin Roose challenged two expert hackers at DEFCON to do their worst to him. But, he never expected that hackers would come so hard at him. Hackers took just two weeks to take control over Kevin Roose’s email accounts, webcam, Bank accounts and other work and private details.

The expert hackers watched Kevin Roose relentlessly day and night they had the chance to steal all his wealth and assets. Fingerprints were the only thing that hackers couldn’t get their hands on.

However, this was all just an experiment that proves how insecure the average person’s online life is. The hackers were nice enough to leave all the hacked stuff untouched and not reveal any secrets.

Kevin Roose Wrote on his blog “It didn’t matter how good my defenses were. Against a pair of world-class hackers, my feeble protections were about as useful as cardboard shields trying to stop a rocket launcher. For weeks, these hackers owned the hell out of me.”

“They bypassed every defense I’d set up, broke into the most sensitive and private information I have, and turned my digital life inside out.”

So this is the story of a guy who challenged hackers to hack him. Therefore, Never challenge a hacker!