Dell’s SecureWorks wing has reported its annual Underground Hacker Markets report, disclosing the latest rate proposed by hackers for their goods and services.

Hackers Charge $130 To Hack a Gmail Account, says report from Dell

Dell claims that this information was collected by two intelligence analysts from the company’s CISCO Intel team, who reportedly traced hackers on several underground hacker forums across the world.

The report points towards Russian and English underground markets as well and “covers the third quarter of 2015 to the first quarter of 2016 time frame”.

The report also discloses the prices that hackers demand for hacking accounts from various websites, like they presently charge $129 to hack the accounts of popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Moreover, they also proceed after corporate email accounts charging about $500 per mailbox.

Hackers charge slightly lesser amount to hack popular Russian email accounts than US Based accounts, like they charge $65 – $103 to hack Russian email accounts. Also, hackers charge $129 for hacking Ukrainian email accounts. Besides hacking email accounts, hackers charge $90 for hacking the IP address of a computer user.

Rates for hacking social media websites are also on this report. Hacking a social account like Facebook and Twitter accounts in the United States will cost users over $129. The rates vary when hackers are hired to hack popular social websites based in Russia like and

Hackers can also provide fake identification to the users. You can get a physical counterfeit driver license in the US, UK, Germany & Israel at $173.

Dell reports,“Prices and goods are not the only way sellers are distinguishing themselves. There also continues to be a focus on salesmanship. Compared to the report last year, our security experts noted this time around that many hackers were expanding their working hours to include weekends and even promising to be available 24 hours a day.”

This is the company’s third report and reveals the ups and downs in the prices since 2013. The report also tell’s us about the strategy followed by Russian hackers to ensure customer satisfaction by increasing their working hours and using guarantors.


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