Researchers have discovered vulnerabilities in wireless keyboards and mice which lets hackers to control them from 100 meters away. This flaw lets hackers to type on your computer. The researchers from Bastille Security observed this on number of dongle linked devices from Microsoft, HP, Dell, Gigabyte, Amazon Basics and Logitech.

Hackers Can Type on Your PC through Flaw in Wireless Mice and Keyboard

Many users prefer wireless keyboards and mouse in order to get rid of wired devices. As we know wired devices sometimes creates chaos when we try to separate them, that’s why many users opt for wireless devices. It is not really secure to use wireless keyboard or mice because researchers have found a flaw which lets the hacker to control your keyboard as well as mice from 100 meters away.

Also, some patches are released for the users having wireless keyboard or mice. However, in case where fixes aren’t available, Bastille founder has suggested those users to dump their mouse or keyboard and go for wired one.

The issue exists in the dongle handle communications. Also, in few cases, the dongles acquired un-encrypted packets, in that case they should have only permitted encrypted packets. This lets the hacker to scan the local airwaves for the data packets dispatched after clicks and keystrokes in order to control the radio frequency address of the user targeted.

In Dongle Connected devices, communications are carried over the 2.4GHz band. When it is obtained, it lets the hacker to inject clicks or keystrokes by emitting forged packets to the address, stated Newlin.

Bastille stated that, $15 kit which includes a software defined radio and some code lines are needed to do this hacking attack. The security website maintained that non Bluetooth Wireless Devices are prone to hacking attack and it has left countless PC’s and networks at risk.

The has released video to the public in order to aware people about this hacking attack.

Rouland said that using this approach for hacking can also pressurize the user to download the malware. Newlin considered that a hacker can frame up ad hoc wireless hotspot on the computer, even if it is not connected to the network. Also, the hacker could remove the data from the computer targeted and then transfers the data to the server he owns.

It seems that wireless devices can actually put us in trouble. So, we also recommend you to use wired keyboard/mouse in case where fixes aren’t available. If you liked this article, feel free to share it !


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