Hackers targeted Bangladesh’s Central Bank and tried to withdraw $1 Billion Dollars but however they failed as they did a spelling mistake. Officials believe that hackers have injected malware in the Bangladesh’s Bank computer systems.

Hackers Failed To Withdraw $1 Billion From Bank By Doing Minor Mistake

The unknown hackers tried to loot $1 Billion Dollars from Bangladeshi Bank, but the Hackers misspelled “foundation” in the NGO’s name as “fandation”. This small mistake alerted the bank officials, as German Based Deutsche Bank looked for clarification from the Bangladeshi Bank, which stopped the transaction says official.

Despite failing to get $1 Billion Dollars from Bank, hackers managed to steal about $80 Million dollars from the Bangladeshi Bank, making it one of the largest robberies in the banking sector.

Senior Officials at the bank said that “The hackers reportedly broke into Bangladesh Bank’s Computes and stole the credentials for payment transfer. After that they targeted the Federal Reserve Bank of New York with about 36 requests in order to transfer the money from Bangladesh Bank’s Account to organizations in Philippines and Sri Lanka, officials said.

Officials said that the hackers carried four requests in order to transfer total sum of $81 Million to the Philippines but in the fifth request they were unable to get $20 Million because they misspelled the name of the Sri Lankan Based NGO, Shalika Foundation.

However, there is no NGO under the name of “Shalika Foundation” registered under Sri Lankan non profits. Also, Reuters was unable to find the contact details of this organisation. Deutsche Bank refused to say anything about this issue.

Officials at Bangladesh bank said that they have retrieved some amount money which was reportedly stolen. The officials further said that they are working with anti-money laundering authorities in the Philippines in order to retrieve the other amount.

Now we came to know how the simple spelling mistake made hackers unsuccessful in stealing the money from the Bangladesh’s Bank. Security Experts claim that the suspected hackers were having great deep knowledge of the Bangladeshi institution’s internal workings and were successful in spying the bank employees.


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