Here’s one type of bank hack we don’t see that often. Hackers just discovered a new trick to get ransom money from the victims.

Hackers Found A New Trick To Get Money From You

How much you know about bank hackers? Previously we have seen hackers made ATMs spit out cash and we also know that hackers used to steal highly confidential data of their victims and contact them to pay them ransom money. Hackers also use various techniques to post a threat after stealing confidential data.

So, recently hackers got the data from a Chinese-owned bank in the European mini-state Liechtenstein. Hackers contacted Valartis Bank Liechtenstein customers and demanded 10% of their life savings to avoid any type of financial details leak to finance authorities and the Media.

Chief Financial Officer Fong Chi Wah said: “The attacker did not obtain details of the account statement or asset data”. “Possible affected customers have already been informed by the bank.”

The bank confirms that hackers just demanded 10% from the customers but they didn’t steal any money from the accounts. Hackers have given the bank a deadline until December 7, 2016, and demanded that transfer the cash via Bitcoin to avoid detection.

According to BGR’s report “Fong Chi Wah stated, prior to contacting the bank,hackers have already collected gigabytes of account information since October last year.”. The another interesting part of the incidence was, hackers also claimed that bank had decided not to pay because they trust their security services, which is why they resorted to extortion practices.

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