Hackers Hacked Tesla's Cloud To Mine Cryptocurrency
Hackers Hacked Tesla's Cloud To Mine Cryptocurrency

We all know very well that how cryptocurrencies are currently taking its rounds and working as enzymes in trending topics. However, now according to the latest reports, recently hackers have managed to hack Tesla’s cloud or servers simply to mine cryptocurrencies.

Hackers Hacked Tesla’s Cloud To Mine Cryptocurrency

Two of the great themes that today surround us all seem to have been found. Tesla and the cryptocurrencies are the idols of a new chapter that has been little expected for many of us. The company, which has an extensive list of powerful servers working for them, has been the victim of a powerful hack with the aim of mining cryptocurrencies.

As many of you will know, cryptocurrency mining takes a good amount of requirement of the device in which you want to mine, the hardware specifications have to be very good. That’s why a great server like Tesla, in which we find a very high power to process all the data we find in the company, is one of the main objectives of the hackers.

Tesla hacked to mine cryptocurrencies

This has been published by RedLock, a security firm specializing in the cloud that has detected that one of the most important servers of Tesla hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), has been the victim of a hack. The objective of this hacking, as we have commented previously, has been to take advantage of the computational capacity of the server for the cryptocurrency mining.

This breach of security already discovered a couple of weeks ago by the security firm itself, put the whistle in the sky for all those companies that maintain servers in AWS and other distributors. All of them could be victims of an attack after the access credentials were leaked. These credentials had no known owner, at least for now we all know is Tesla.

It is really amazing how the hackers themselves attacked the Tesla server with the sole objective of taking full advantage of its calculation capacity and not to steal important data from the company, as it has been pointed out in the study, Tesla had important information not encrypted on that server.

For now, it seems that the firm, along with Amazon, has shielded the server and the hackers are unknown, but, no longer have control over it. Anyway from RedLock point to this type of practices, especially in the face of high-powered servers such as Tesla, will continue to rise until important changes in security are applied.

This is a task that must be borne in mind since today there are many companies (more than 70%) that use large capacity cloud servers. These companies, in most cases, do not have a security system safe enough for this type of attack.

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