A hacker or gaming enthusiast is required to install the Microsoft operating system, Windows 95, on Nintendo 3DS XL.

A hacker or gaming enthusiast is required to install the Microsoft operating system, Windows 95, on Nintendo 3DS XL. It is a fascinating experiment, even if the level of interaction appears to be very limited for the moment.

It seems that the Christmas holidays have been a particularly fruitful year for all fans of the hacking video game!

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As we all remember, just a few days ago, the group Fail0verflow had installed Linux on a PlayStation 4 before even playing a particular version of Pokemon! Today, it was announced that a member of GBAtemp, Shutterbug2000, has managed to run Windows 95 on a New Nintendo 3DS!

Hackers Install Windows 95 on Nintendo 3DS XL.

It is not the first time that some hackers have enjoyed installing operating systems obsolete within current generation consoles. The last successful attempt was by Shutterbug2000, a portal user GBATemp.net, who established the operating system Windows 95 on Nintendo 3DS XL using the emulator DOSBox.

It was an exciting experiment, showing that it is possible to transport an old operating system in a generation console.

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According to Shutterbug2000 users, Windows 95 was not designed to interact via a touch display or the analog sticks of the console made by Nintendo. While the user experience is minimal, you can see all the essential functions of the operating system work.

The questions posed by Shutterbug2000 are lots and make it even more intriguing than this attempt at successful porting. However, it would be interesting to understand if you can use the now obsolete Redmond company operating system by connecting a mouse and a keyboard to the console. Can you also store virtual files on the hard disk and possibly install programs?

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You will only see the screen, the video, and little else. We cannot understand whether it is possible or not to interact with the operating system on the console produced by Nintendo.

The only way to understand the functionality offered by Windows 95 on Nintendo 3DS XL is to achieve the same steps hacker Shutterbug2000. This an exciting experiment for all nostalgic about operating systems that have marked the history of computing.