Fail0verflow has announced that they have successfully cracked into the PS4 console and can run a full version of Linux.

According to the Fail0verflow into the Sony PS4 console, and successfully entered its kernel running Linux system. In response to this: Sony has yet to comment.

Hackers Successfully Hacked Into Sony PS4 Console to Run Linux

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New Age game consoles PS4 and Xbox One, thanks to the AMD processor scheme, and, therefore, they are essentially the computer, so some hardware enthusiasts will try to break these hosts. Host organization Fail0verflow recent PS4 crack was cracked on the PS4 and successfully installed a version of Linux.

After the break, the crack team of 4 PS hackers named fail0verflow successfully ran the Japanese game “Pokemon” on PS4. Although the team did not disclose how they used loopholes to crack this equipment, it seems the fail0verflow team uses a WebKit vulnerability. With a recent GitHub developer, CTurt discovered similar vulnerabilities using the Webkit browser. Last month, the developers CTurt announced that they had found a loophole in PS4 core, the need for protection vulnerability; they did not disclose too many details.

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In the PS4 hardware design, Sony uses a PC-like architecture. This allows the PS4 to run homebrew and become a real PC. At present, PS4 can finally run a desktop system. Fail0verflow’s work is not limited to Linux migration. The company also successfully loaded on PS4 GBA as a “Game Boy Advance” emulator and produced a PS version of Pokemon, as I said before.

GBA emulator is a particular concern because Fail0verFlow GBA will be a real connection to the PS4 as a handle. Of course, this is not the best way to play GBA games. But it also shows that Fail0verflow has fully mastered the PS4 system.

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Running on PS4 Linux is not the craziest. It is known that there was a feature on one PS4 Other OS called so that anyone can load Linux or other operating systems on the PS4.