The company based in US has designed a device that can convert any smartphone into a 3D Printer with the help of a light from touchscreen during plastic creations. This device is worth $99 and can be used in the major mobile operating systems, Android, iOS and Windows.

Here is How To Convert Any Smartphone into a 3D Printer

The device is called as OLO and is convenient to understand and operate. It is battery operating, weighing around 780 grams, and can be carried anywhere. It has been reported that the Kickstarter has helped the company to create this fascinating device.

The OLO Device comes with three parts, reservoir for accommodating 400 cubic cm of printing volume, 100 gram bottles of colored photo-polymer resin which helps to create objects and mechanized lid (Arranger of build plate and control electronics).

OLO mobile app is available on Android, iOS and Windows. Firstly, user is supposed to load a representational diagram of the object in the OLO App and then the user has to fit the smartphone in the base present under the reservoir. After that section of polarized glass is placed into the base which the smartphone’s touchscreen will be facing when put in position.

After the user keeps the lid on top, the printer starts processing and the OLO App lets your screen light up with certain pattern. The polarized glass then captures this light and then deflects it so the photons are travelling in a straight upward direction.

When it comes to the printing part, Drew Prindle from Digital Trends states:

“Basically, once you place the lid on top and the printer starts going, the app makes your phone’s screen light up with a specific pattern. The polarised glass then takes all this light (which shines outwardly to give your phone a wider viewing angle) and redirects it so that all the photons are travelling straight upward.

So as your phone’s screen beams light up into the reservoir, the directed light causes a layer of resin to harden onto the build plate, which slowly moves upward as each new layer is created.”

Gizmag states that the company has raised over 507 percent of its $80,000 goal in just two days and 28 days are left for the campaign and it seems that this device is going to be popular.

This device is having a price tag of $99 and its first batch of shipments are expected to begin in September 2016.


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