A modder has managed to convert the current generation of best gaming console “Xbox One S” released by Microsoft into an awesome portable laptop with a complete screen.

Here’s How This Modder Turns Xbox One S Into A Laptop

Game consoles are more and more powerful devices that often surpass computers at the performance level. With this dedicated hardware, you can get better detail and better quality in games.

But one of the biggest hurdles on the consoles is their mandatory connection to a TV, preventing them from being portable. But is this true? Look at this project that turned an Xbox One S into a handheld device.

Microsoft launched the new Xbox One S in June last year. This console was the natural evolution of the Xbox One, also a landmark in the field of games.

Being 40% smaller than the previous model, this console can be more portable and have smaller components. It was precisely on this basis that Ben Heck decided to create something completely different. Hence, he created the first, and only, truly portable version of Xbox One S.

Using the original components, Ben Heck managed to pack them into a new box and connect it to an LCD screen, which thus assumes the role of television. The end result is simply fabulous and elevates this console to a level never seen before.

The changes made to the hardware are minimal and only involve changing the cooling fan and connecting a new, more powerful power supply, which in addition to powering the console, also powers the new screen.

In all, not having the working hours that were needed, the cost of this transformation was around $200 (about 189 euros) and apparently anyone could do it.

This is a transformation that Microsoft could embrace and use for a future model, where its console would reach a great mobility threshold, allowing it to be used anywhere and anytime. The idea for Microsoft and who knows of the future there is no Xbox One S laptop.


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