We all know that launch of Facebook Stories may be the big news of the week’s on the social network, but some of the Facebook users have seen another addition, and it is completely hidden and not only that it is also full of goodies & interesting things.

The Hidden Facebook News Feed Is Full Of Goodies

The launch of Facebook Stories may be the big news of the week’s on the social network, but some Facebook users have seen another addition, and are completely confused. An icon of a rocket has appeared in the application around the world, next to the News Feed button. Its appearance is prompting many users to ask, “What the hell is this thing?”

This is the new Explorer tab. The button could appear at the top of the screen or at the bottom, depending on whether the user is on iOS or Android.

As a result, the rocket icon is only the latest feature of Facebook’s ongoing experiments in presenting an alternative news feed to users – consisting of messages, articles, photos, and videos from sources that follow or could be of your interest, such as Facebook pages or media organizations, for example.

While you may not be actively following these sources, Facebook believes it is the content you will like. The elements that appear in this second news feed come from pages that are similar to the ones you have given, as well as those that are popular with your friends, such as a video that many people in your network are watching.

This is not a new experiment – the social network giant Facebook was recently discovered by trying an alternative news feed but was using a different icon (a small square) at that time. That test was also limited to Android beta users, according to reports. A similar test in iOS actually tagged the second feed with the word “Explore”.

The new “Explore” experiment with the rocket, however, is appearing on the mobile version of Facebook via iOS and Android platforms, including those who have not opted for the beta.

The social network giant Facebook has always wanted to have a better angle on people’s interests, especially since other networks (such as Twitter) have made it easier to follow news and topics, not just people, brands and businesses.

A flow of alternative information as an information source could be another way of addressing interests, but appearing in the application without an explanation it is clearly confusing to those who have new traits.

However, currently, the expanded test is now underway in markets around the world. The rocket icon itself is fairly new, based on a number of tweets most of which were published this month or the last.

So, what do you think about this new extraordinary feature of the social media giant Facebook? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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