We all know very well that the main weakness of Google’s mobile operating system, of course, Android is still the security. However, recently, the tech giant Google added an extraordinary feature, which is named as Panic Button to Android that will simply help you fight malware.

Android Has A Hidden ‘Panic Button’ To Help You Fight Malware

Have you ever open a website in which your browser shows a warning message that a fraudulent application is trying to compromise your mobile security? Surely, this is a very common practice to get our data and that puts at risk the safety of users. But today we have good news, as the panic button for Android is very close, a new functionality that will allow us to close all those malicious applications and avoid putting our device at risk.

The main weakness of Google’s mobile operating system is still security. It is common to find us every week with new threat alerts that try to access the data stored on our Android device. Without going any further, recently we reported that a new malware was stealing data from Facebook or WhastApp. But it has not been the only one. Just over the last month, more than 2 billion Android users have had to deal with hundreds of fake antivirus, hidden malware in 800 Google Play apps and a fraudulent Flash update. Too many threats, do not you think?

It is true that some of these malicious attacks on Android can be avoided by following a series of precautions such as keeping our mobile phone always up to date, encrypting information, downloading secure applications or taking precaution with free trial apps and mistrust those that are incomplete.

But the tech giant Google also has something to say. It more plays a pivotal role in this matter as it is responsible for protecting all Android phones. To this end, the company would have introduced a new security feature into the Android 7.1 operating system Nougat baptized as “panic detection button”.

Activate the “panic button” on Android

It would be a security mode on Android that will allow users to exit apps that do not work well, are stuck or malicious. This is at least as claimed by XDA developers, who have discovered that this new feature is collected in the code of the operating system Android 7.1 Nougat but has not been implemented in mobile phones that already include this version. It seems to be true but at the moment no one from Google has pronounced or publicized this option.

According to count, to operate this mode of detection of panic is enough to touch more than four times the button of the back part of the device fast and in a continuous way. A sequence of moves that will cause the operating system to automatically close the applications we have open and return to the home screen.

A novelty that in the case of being implemented in mobile devices with Android would make them pioneers in including this button of panic, since no other operating system counts on it. If you have it included, however, computers with Windows or Mac, where we can turn to the task manager whenever an application or program do not work correctly. By accessing this menu we can force the closing of any malicious or fraudulent program, or that is simply not working properly.

So, what do you think about this new button which named as “Panic Button”? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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