Los Angeles-based holographic app lets you superimpose holographic character into photos  simply just by using its mobile application. It enables you to add 3D holograms of people and animated characters into your real-world photos and videos. For instance , you can add a holographic spiderman to your photo and make it look real.

Holo AR Mobile App Lets You Take Holographic Characters Into Your Photos

Holo is available today for free on both iOS and Android.

New Tech Startup 8i is launching its Holo mobile app, which enables you to add 3D holograms of people and animated characters into your real-world photos and videos. For instance, you can add a holographic Spiderman or even a Batman into your photos. You can also stitch moving holographic characters into a video.

8i’s Holo app will officially launch later this year 2017. It will allow users to record videos of themselves that include the company’s holograms, mixing their everyday surroundings with movie characters, memes and more.

8i will launch the app on iOS and Google Play at VidCon 2017. The company also partnered with media companies such as Sony Pictures to bring engaging content into Holo. For Now, it has a collection of Spider-Man Homecoming movie holograms to promote the upcoming film and to get users engaged with the app.

Image Credit: 8i || Spider-Man is a hologram in 8i’s Holo app ||.

Here’s the Official statement of the Steve Raymond, CEO of 8i: “With Holo, we’re introducing a new way to create and express yourself using holograms of real people combined with the AR capabilities of smartphones. Until now, it’s never been possible to direct your own videos using recognizable characters and celebrities and we’re seeing lots of creative storytelling from Holo users. It’s fun to see what people come up with.”

To use Holo, you have to add a character into the camera screen, start recording, and the holograms will appear as if they are there in real life (Just like 3D).

For e.g.

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Holo will regularly release new hologram collections featuring movie characters, memes, athletes, musicians, and original characters with poses to personify every mood and reaction.

So guys, stay tuned for all the updates on the new holo mobile app and Do let us know what do you think of this app. Thanks for reading our article and we hope you have a great day.



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