How Camera Sensors are making Our Lives Safer and Better
How Camera Sensors are making Our Lives Safer and Better

Camera sensors have changed dramatically over the years, and we now use them in a huge range of devices and technologies. They have made our lives safer, better, and more fun in many ways.

Here’s a look at how camera sensors work, along with some of the best ways we can put them to use.

How Do Camera Sensors Work?

Digital cameras all contain a solid-state device, and this captures light coming in through a lens, just like traditional film. This is the sensor, and it works in a similar way to the traditional process of taking photos. In digital cameras, the sensor sizes vary depending on the model.

When you press the shutter button, light enter into the camera, and an image is exposed on the sensor, just as it is with traditional film.

The sensor is comprised of pixels, and these collect photons. These are converted into an electrical charge and then converted to a digital value, and this is done by the analog to digital converter (ADC).

Types of Sensors

There are two main types of sensors: Charge Coupled Device, or CCD, and Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, or CMOS.

CCD sensors are often more expensive. They use circuitry around the sensor to convert pixel measurements, and they tend to be quieter, higher quality and good in low light.

CMOS sensors use circuitry that is on the sensor rather than around it. They are common in DSLRs because they are faster, use less power, and are cheaper.

Now that we know more about the types of sensors, how can they be used? Here are some of the best ways that we use them today.

Extreme Sports

Many people want to film their activities in unique ways, and modern camera technology has made this possible. Small action cameras like the GoPro have allowed people to film incredible footage from unique angles, from jumping out of planes to surfing the waves.


Camera sensors are used in modern cars. For example, when parking, vehicles like the Dodge Charger use a rear park assist camera to make parking easier and reduce the chances of colliding with an object.

Law Enforcement

Even the police are using cameras, as described in this Bloomberg article. Body cams are now being used more to provide accountability for the actions of police on duty, providing a record of their encounters.


Cameras are commonly used in home security systems now, including devices like the doorbell camera. This is a tiny camera that fits into the doorbell so you can see who is at the door.

More Creative Ways to Use Modern Camera Sensors

There are many more ways to use a camera sensor these days. For example, you could attach an action camera onto your pet to find out where it goes, create a short movie, or place in your car as a dashcam. Here are a few other ways that cameras have been used.

Expect Even More Uses from Camera Sensors

The digital camera revolution is in full swing. We’ve looked at a few of the best uses for modern camera sensors, but this is just the start. As technology improves further, we can surely expect to see camera sensors put to use in even more innovative ways over the coming years.

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