File manager is the only way to manage all your files on your device, and it’s the app that routes all your files on your device and displays them to you to better manage them according to your wish.

In an Operating system like Android and Windows, inbuilt file managers are there, and you can also get some custom third-party apps. But in ios devices like iPhones, no such thing exists; you see your music files in the music app and all your pictures and videos in the Photos app.

But you don’t know exactly in which directory they are present, and it’s impossible to manage them all according to your wish. To resolve this, we have a cool method to help you add a File manager to your iPhone.

Steps To Use Cydia Tweaks To Get File Manager on iPhone

Yes, you can now add a file manager option on your iPhone to manage and see all your files and the different directories where those files are located. So for that, follow up on the complete guide below.

1. First, you must have the Cydia app on your iPhone, which will only come up when your device is Jailbreak.

2. Now you need to have a Cydia tweak, that is, ifile the tweak will add a cool file manager on your iPhone that you will use to see all directories and files to manage them efficiently.ifile 

3. Now, when the app gets installed on your iOS device, you need to reboot your iPhone, and you can easily do that by simply clicking the Reboot Now button.

4. Launch the iFile app from the app drawer when your device starts.

5. Now, you will see all the files and directories that are what you want. That is a file manager on your iPhone.file manager on your iPhone

So above is all about adding a file manager on iPhone. With this method, you can easily add up the file manager on your iPhone, better manage your files, and do lots of things in it. So must try this out. I hope you like our work, keep on sharing. Leave a comment if you still have any related queries about this.


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