Today we are here with a cool google chrome trick that is just a bug in chrome that is How To Crash Google Chrome. Recently, a bug found in google chrome leads to the crash of this browser instantly when the link is opened in google chrome.

This is a 16 character line that leads to a crash of any version of google chrome on your computer. Read out the full story about this google chrome bug below.

Steps To Crash Google Chrome With Just 16 Characters

The 16 character code is given below, crashing your google chrome in a second, and all your tabs will crash. Use the code to play pranks with your friends or having fun.

Google Chrome Bug That Leads To Crash It

You have to type the below code in your google chrome and then hit enter and then see the browser. It will instantly get crash.



google chrome crash

Use this code to crash any google chrome, whether it’s your or your and friend’s one. Google is working on this to fix the bug as soon as possible.

This bug is now getting viral all over the virtual world. And hope this bug will be fixed as soon as possible from Google.

So till that time enjoy this and have fun with friends. Share this with others too. And tell us about your experience in the comment box below.



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