When you start flashing new custom ROM, during this process, you need to Factory Reset your device, and that’s why to overcome this, Nandroid backup is one of the best solutions.

NANDroid backup is the one that includes each and everything of your device, and this backup is taken from the clockwork mod of your rooted Android. This is a system image of the device that can easily restore to the device to get everything back.

And with that, you can avoid the loss of any of the files stored on your device. So look at the complete guide discussed below to proceed with this.

Things that are Backup In Nandroid Backup

  • The ROM currently installed on a device (Custom And Stock both)
  • All apps (including those you installed yourself or that came with the device)
  • All games and the game data
  • All pictures
  • All music
  • All videos
  • All text and picture messages
  • All wallpapers
  • All widgets
  • All ringtones
  • All login and account details and settings
  • All System settings last set up.
  • All stored passwords, including WiFi passwords.

Create & Restore Nandroid Backup for Rooted Android

1. First of all, root your Android.

2. Now you must have a custom recovery installed on your device; for that, you can use ROM Manager.ROM Manager

3. Now, boot your Android into Recovery mode and note that this recovery mode will work using the volume button of your Android and the power button.

4. Now select a backup, and it will ask you to choose the directory to save the file; this must be done to External Sd Card, as internal memory will get deleted during the factory reset.

5. Now select the location; you have to give the name of the backup for storing, and after that, just select Ok.select the location

6. The process will start and take some time to complete, so be patient and don’t interrupt the process.process will start

7. When you want to recover that backup, Boot into Recovery and then go to Backup And Restore.

8. There, choose Restore from estSdcard and then select the backup file you had previously backup.Restore from estSdcard

That’s it. Now you have a backup of complete ROM that you can restore anytime from the recovery.

So above is all about creating and restoring Nandroid Backup for Rooted Android. If you need more help on this topic, let us know in the comments. Also, if the article helped you, share it with your friends.