When you root an Android device, it enables you to act as the administrator of the Android phone.  Rooting Android provides you the facility to completely remove and replace your device’s operating system. Here are many ways to Root your Android device. Once you root your phone, you can Access, Change, and Customize it any way you want.

Android rooting is the process of allowing users of Android phones, tablets, and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to get full control and authority within Android’s system. When you root an Android smartphone, it enables you to act as the administrator of the Android phone. Rooting Android provides you the facility to completely remove and replace your device’s operating system.

Rooting not only increases your Battery life & Performance but also Provides you the option to upgrade your current Android version unofficially. There are many benefits of rooting your phone:

  • Boost your Phone speed & Battery Life.
  • Remove Preinstalled crapware like System Apps.
  • Remove Bloatware and Apps like Facebook. Chrome Keeps sucking your Ram & battery by running in the background. So, Among the smartphone geek crowd, applications like these are referred to as “bloatware:” they do nothing but bloat the software by existing as unnecessary applications.
  • Tweak your phone to Increase Video streaming speed, Increase Wifi Speed, Increase SIM detecting Speed, and Increase SD read/write speed.
  • The most important & the Best part is, Install Custom Kernel & Custom ROMS ( I will explain about it in the Installing Custom ROM section)
  • Finally, Truly Own your Device; make it appear in the way you want.

How to Root Any Android Device In a Single Click


  • No data loss process: Your Android phone data, like contacts, pictures, video, etc., will not be affected.
  • Warranty Void: Your Android Device Warranty may get void after following the below tutorial.
  • How to Unroot: To unroot your device, Open Kinguser on your device > Settings > Remove Root permission.

1. Using Kingo ROOT

Using Kingo ROOT

Kingo ROOT is – Click Root Designed to work on Windows Computer. It helps to root any Android device in a single click, which has a success rate of 80-90%. This is the best Android rooting software through PC available in the market. This is the only one-click root app with tons of developers working on it to bring improvements and increase the device limit in every update, which is released frequently.

1. Enable USB Debugging Mode on your Android smartphone. To enable USB debugging. Go to Settings > Developer Option > USB debugging.

The developer Option is Hidden for Android 4.2.2 & Above. To show this option Go to Settings > About phone > Build Number ( Tap on it 7 times until it shows you are now a Developer.)

USB Debugging

1. Download Kingo Root Windows App and install it normally on your Windows PC. Once you have Installed Kingo Root App on your Windows PC, you will see a window similar to this.

How to Root Any Android Device In Single Click

3. Once your Smartphone is connected successfully to the Computer (Enabling USB Debugging), Kingo Root will automatically detect your device. Now, Click on the ‘Root’ button to begin the rooting process.

Root KingoROOT App Android

4. Now Kingo Root will Automatically Root your phone and install SuperSU. Now your Android Device is rooted. To confirm, Check for an App named ‘SuperSU’ on your phone. Congratulations, you have successfully Rooted your Android Smartphone. I hope this guide helped in rooting your phone.

Check if you are successfully rooted by downloading and installing the Root Checker App from Play Store. If Kingo Root was unable to detect or ROOT your device, you could use other One-click Root Apps mentioned below.

2. Using VRoot

Using VRoot

Vroom’s goal is to provide an excellent and simplest experience for all Android users. The newest version of Vroot has been supported for more than 8000 kinds of Android devices. It is more effective, easier, and faster than you can imagine.

1. First of all, Download the VRoot App for Windows PC. Install it. Just click Next and Launch it.

2. Connect your Android device and make sure that USB Debugging mode is enabled from SettingsDeveloper Options.

Developer Options

3. From VRoot on your PC, click Root. In my case, I have a rooted device, so I am getting the Reboot option. On a non-rooted smartphone, the Reroot option will be replaced with Root.


4. Wait for the result. If it’s a success, your device will reboot, and you can now disconnect your Android device from your PC.

your device will reboot

Check if you are successfully rooted by downloading and installing the Root Checker App from Play Store.

3. Using Root Genius

Using Root Genius

Root Genius is the best & easy-to-use rooting software with a high success rate for Mediatek devices. Root Genius is a Windows Application. There are fewer chances of this rooting your phone properly.

1. Download and Install Root Genius for Windows. Run Root Genius as administrator and connect your Android device to your PC via USB cable. Wait for the drivers to load completely.

2. Enable USB Debugging mode from Settings > Developer options from your Android device.

Developer Options

3. Just follow the instructions shown on the Root Genius based on your Android version. Carefully read the notifications before continuing. Click Root it to begin the rooting process.

Using Root Genius

4. It could take two to 3 minutes for the rooting process to be completed. (Don’t unplug the USB cable).

root Using Root Genius

When done, click Finish, and it will reboot your phone. Check if you are successfully rooted by downloading and installing the Root Checker app from Play Store.

4. Using Unlock Root

Using Unlock Root

Unlock Root roots and unlocks the boot-loader of various Android devices. They have their own way of rooting and unlocking. To use this method to root your phone, they have their guides provided on each Android device. Just visit Unlock Root and follow their own guides for your device.

5. Framaroot


Well, Framaroot is one of the best and well known Android rooting apps which you can use. The great thing about Framaroot Apk is that it allows users to root Android smartphones in just one click. Apart from all of these, Framaroot also allows users to unroot Android smartphones.

1. First of all, download and install Framaroot Apk on your Android device.

2. In the next step, head to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. There you need to enable the option Unknown Sources.

Using Framaroot

3. Now install and open the app. You will see an interface like the one below. Here you need to tap on Exploit and select ‘Super User’ or ‘SuperSU.’

Using Framaroot

4. It would be best to wait for a few seconds until you get a similar message on your screen.

Using Framaroot

That’s it; you are done! This message will confirm that everything went right while rooting your Android device. Now you can use root apps.

6. Other Apps To Root Android

Well, just like the above apps, there are plenty of other Android apps available on the internet that allows users to root their Android smartphone. Mostly, these apps don’t depend upon the computer to root your device. So, let’s know the apps to root Android devices.

One-Click Root

One Click Root

Well, One Click Root is another interesting app that helps users to gain root access. As the app’s name says, One Click Root got the ability to root Android with a single click. Another best thing about One Click Root is its interface, which is pretty clean and well-organized.



Well, if you are looking for a reliable app to root your Android, then Towelroot might be a great option for you. With Towelroot, you can gain superuser access. However, Samsung and HTC devices are not compatible with Towelroot. So, it’s another best Android rooting app that you can use.

Root Master

Root Master

Well, if you don’t have any technical knowledge on how to root, then Root Master might be the best option for you. The great thing about Root Master is that it’s free to use, and it doesn’t show any ads. Root Master allows users to root Android smartphones in just one tap.

dr.fone – Root

dr.fone - Root

Well, dr. Fone – Root is another best Windows tool that can be used to root Android smartphones. The best thing about dr. Fone – Root arrives with a great interface, and it’s really very easy to use. Dr.fone – Root can root almost all Android devices manufactured by Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, Acer, HTC, etc. It’s also compatible with a lower version of Android, like Android 2.1 and later.

360 root

360 root

360 root is another most used software for rooting Android devices. The great thing about 360 root is that it can root Android devices running on Android v1.6 and higher. However, 360 root is a little bit outdated and won’t root the latest Android versions. The user interface of the software looks messy, and the success rate is also pretty low. So, we recommend you use 360 roots only if the alternatives are not working.

I hope this tutorial helped you in rooting your Android Smartphone. Though it has many advantages rooting an Android Smartphone without following proper instructions can be risky.

But with these supplications, you can easily root your device and can have much out of it as it will speed up your Android’s performance, access hundreds of new and exciting features, and increase its battery life. And Rooting an Android device is totally safe and the best thing you and your device can have!


  1. plz help me it’s not working J
    i have been unlock my bootloader.
    now I’m trying this app .
    not working
    i have also trying many app vroot
    and kingo root.
    but it’s sucked

    plz help me to root my device
    my device is moto e

  2. Imagine that I rooted my phone.
    After 1 year I want to Factory Reset my phone. After rooting factory reset does harm my phone????

  3. Hiii. I am using YU yuphoria . Someone has said me that while rooting, your phone may be bricked. I am so confused with that. Please help me that can I use Kingo root for rooting my mobii without any chance of bricking.

  4. I want to root my YU yuphoria by Kongo Root. But it failed number of times. Its not succeeding any time. What should I do ?


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