Jailbreaking eliminates limitations in iOS and provides root access to the iOS file system so that it can run software that Apple has not authorized.

Today, we will share the complete procedure to jailbreak iPhone. However, before jailbreaking your iPhone, it’s important to know its advantages and disadvantages.

When apple newly launched iOS 9.0, it looked impossible to Jailbreak the device. However, the Pangu team made jailbreaking iOS 9 devices possible again.

Steps to Jailbreak iOS 9.0 – iOS 9.0.2 Using Pangu 9

The method is very simple and depends on a well-known tool that is Pangu. Here’s how to jailbreak iOS 9.0 using Pangu 9 in easy steps.

Before we begin, please ensure you have no Passcode lock or Touch ID on your device (you can add it back after the jailbreak is applied).

1. First, you need to turn off the Find My iPhone feature. Head to Settings > iCloud > Find My Phone and then turn it off. Now turn on the Airplane mode of your iPhone to stop all the interruptions.

Settings > iCloud > Find My Phone

2. Now download Pangu9 for windows and then install it.

3. Now connect your iPhone to your PC, launch the Pangu tool on your PC, and click on Start.

launch the Pangu tool on your PC

4. Now click on the option Already backup, and you will get proceeded. Now the process will start, and your device will get automatically rebooted.

Already backup

5. At about 65%, it will prompt you to enable AirPlane mode again after rebooting.

6. After some time, you will have the Pangu app on your iOS devices. Simply open the Pangu app from the home screen.

Pangu app

7. Now you will be prompted to tap on the “Allow” button to give access to the Photos App. You need to tap on allow.


8. Now, wait for a few minutes till you receive a popup written: “Jailbreak completed”. Now close the Pangu app on your PC, and your iPhone will restart. You will see the Cydia app on your device when your device starts.

Jailbreak completed

That’s it! You are done. Your device is successfully jailbroken.

So, the above guide is all about Jailbreak iOS 9.0 – iOS 9.0.2. With this method, you can have complete admin access to your iPhone’s hidden features. If this article helped you share it with your friends as well.