Give your command prompt a new amazing transparent look by editing CMD properties

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]indows 10 is the another great operating system from the Microsoft Corporation and it is packed with many new features that it’s predecessors don’t have before.The only reason that justifies the popularity of the windows operating system is that it has some most helpful features that saves your time also. And in many of our previous post we discussed lots of cool tutorials that are used to customize Windows 10 to make it better for you. And today here we again come up with a cool trick. Here in this article you will know about one of the feature of Windows 10 i.e making command prompt transparent.You just has to follow the below steps to know how you can do it. So have a look on complete method discussed below to proceed.

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How To Make Command Prompt Transparent in Windows 10

The method is very simple and straight and you just need is a simple properties editing trick that can make your CMD screen transparent that looks very cool. So follow up the steps below to proceed.

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Steps To Make CMD Transparent in Windows 10:

1. Open the new Command prompt window and then right-click on the title bar and select properties.Here you will see a window of Properties from where you can set up many options of command prompt.Windows 1

2. Now in the Properties window go to the colors tab.Here you will now see the slider that represents the transparency of the CMD window.

3. Move the slider in the color tab and set up the minimum opacity of the to 30%.This will make the Command Prompt window semi-transparent.

4. At last after setting the transparency of the window click at the OK option.This will apply the changes that you made to real.

Make Command Prompt Transparent in Windows 10
Make Command Prompt Transparent in Windows 10

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So above is all about How To Make Command Prompt Transparent in Windows 10. After following these steps you will now see your Command prompt window to be transparent. Making the windows transparent helps you to view the other processes that are going on under the main window that is open.Just go and try one of this feature of Windows 10 and it will give amazing looks too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.