We are going to share an evergreen trick on password protecting your MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint file. You can follow the step given below to safely protect your documents.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday in this computer environment almost each job or school/college work is done on a computer and frequently we work on our documents files managers’s like MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint as they are our fundamental tools of our life.

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So throughout working on this program, you might come across with some of the sympathetic data that you don’t want to share with anybody else. So we are here with a great trick for How To Password Protect MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Files.

This method is very powerful and can comfortably secure your private credentials data. You just have to follow a simple method that I have discussed below.

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How To Password Protect MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Files

By password protecting your documents files you can guarantee your privacy and be sure that your data must not go in wrong hands and no one can take credits of your hard work. So just follow some simple steps below to password protect your MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Files.

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Steps To Password Protect MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint Files

Step 1. First of all open, the file of your MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint that you want to protect with the password.


Step 2. Now your need to click on Microsoft Office button that is located on the top left the corner. Now you have to select the option of Prepare in order to protect your MS Word.


Step 3. After you clicked on Prepare Option you will be able to see many options. You just need to select the option of Encrypt Document there.

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Step 4. Now you will be asked to enter a password in order to password-protect that file. You need to enter your password twice. Now click on Ok  and simply save the file.


Step 5. That’s it now every time you open the document it will ask you for the password, enter the password that you have entered while saving the file. You don’t need to set password every time in order to protect it simply open it with your password and start editing files.

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So foregoing is all about How To Password Protect MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Files. Now by this, you can undoubtedly secure your private and sensitive data by shielding all your files with strong passwords. Hope you like the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you have any related queries.


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