Record iPhone and iPad screen without Jailbreak
Record iPhone and iPad screen without Jailbreak

Today we are here with the method of Record iPhone and iPad screen Without Jailbreak As we know apple(ios) is very much popular in all over the world and more than billion of people are using apple devices today. Now smart device like iphone and ipad are now most popular in the tech world. But many of you might not know about the method for recording the screen in iphone and ipads without jailbreak it, yes it is possible you can do this by just following the post below.

How to Record iPhone and iPad screen Without Jailbreak

As the jailbreak voids the warranty and the screen recording apps in itunes store only work on jailbreak iphone, so there is alternative in which you don’t need jailbreak iphone to record screen of iphone. The method is very simple and straightforward you just have to follow some of the simple steps that has been discussed below.

Steps Record iPhone & iPad Screen:

  1. First of all open safari browser of your ios device and open the site
  2. Now from there install the  Emu4io beta app.
  3. Now after installing this app in your iphone simply open it.
  4. Now in this app find the app “Shou App“and install it in your iphone.
  5. Now launch the Shou app in your iphone.
  6. In this app you need to sign up or you can login through your facebook or google account too.
  7. Now after signing in there will be two options- Start Broadcasting & Start Recording.
  8. Now if you want to alter the orientation, quality and timing etc select the “i” at the last of screen recording.
  9. Now to start recording screen simply click on screen recording and come out from the Shou app and your recording will start with a red color area at the top of your iphone screen.
  10. Now when you want to stop recording simply click on red area and the app will get open, there simply click stop recording. Thats it now you can easily record and stop the screen recording by this.

So above is all about the method for How to Record iPhone and iPad screen Without Jailbreak. As the method is very simple and easy to implement so just follow the steps above and you can now capture all the workings on your iphone. And you can track the activities perform on your iphone when you give your iphone to other. hope you like the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment if you facing any trouble.


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