Save Entire Notifications History on Android Forever
Save Entire Notifications History on Android Forever

Yes its possible now. Here in this article you will know about the method of how you can save the entire history of Notifications. So have a look complete method discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are an android phone user then you might be familiar with the notifications feature where you get all your notifications on the Notification Panel of the screen.But you will also know that most of the notifications that you get are either deleted by you only or are swiped from the panel. All your notifications are not stored forever but what if you want all of them to be saved for future review.

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How To Save Entire Notifications History on Android Forever

The method is quite simple and depends on a cool app that will allow you to save notification history forever on your android device. For that you need to follow some simple steps below to proceed.

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Steps To Save Entire Notifications History on Android Forever:

1. Install Notification Logger: It is a type of application that keeps the record of all your past notifications.The matter of fact is that this app is not available on the Google Play Store and you has to download it from here.The first step is to install this app on your device.

2. Grant access: Once the app is installed on your device just go ahead and launch it.After you launch this app for first time you shall be asked for additional set up permissions and here you will set the preferred permissions based on what this app will process your notifications later on.

3. Enable it: After you set the preferences in the app menu you has to now set this app enabled in the settings of your phone.For doing that just follow the directions given as:
Settings -> Sound and Notification -> Notification ->Notification access
In the Notification access just select the Notification Logger and select “Allow” in the pop up menu.Notification 1

4. After all these steps Notification logger has been set for use but it won’t show the log of history from the Notifications.To do that you just let the notifications get accumulate,after that just tap refresh button at the top of the main menu.Doing that will show you the listing of the notifications that you has received from the time of the Notification loggers being installed.The only thing that you will come across is that you won’t be able to open the notifications by tapping to see them.Notification 2

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So above is all about How To Save Entire Notifications History on Android Forever. Using certain apps will make you feel free as these apps will help you to do some major tasks that we all cannot remember all time to do. Notification loggers is that type of app only that will help you to save the entire notifications that you get for your future use.By chance if you will delete some important notification you can now get it from Notification loggers.Just go and grab this app to enjoy this feature in your andoid phone.