Today we are here with a cool trick that is How To Send Fake SMS, Today more than billions of people are using SMS services and every SMS needs a mobile no. on carrier to receive or send the messages from one device to another, but you can send a fake messages that will be not recognized that to which mobile number it belongs. And with this you can send anonymous messages too. So have a look on complete method discussed below.

How To Send Fake SMS  For Free

Today there are online portals that are available on internet that will allow you to send fake sms. And you will use those services to send fake sms to any number. Follow the steps below to proceed.

Online Services To Send Fake SMS For Free :-

Note:- The below services we have discussed is only for knowledge and testing purposes and should not be used for any illegal activities as you can get track back and we are not responsible for any mishappening.


This is the one of the best site that supports 160 character message to send to any number online and you will not need to register any personal details and can send free Fake SMS to any of number. Must try this.


This site only allows you to send SMS in india. The message service of this site is very fast as the message will be send instantly to the receiver end.


This website allows to send SMS in India only as this site is indian site that allows you to send free SMS to any number and also you will receive the notification when the receiver receives the SMS that you have send.


This is another cool site that allows user to send anonymous messages without registering personal details also the message sending speed is also very fast.


This is one of the best fake SMS sending portal that allow you to send any message all over the world that absolutely free.

So above are the services for How To Send Fake SMS For Free with these you can easily make fun of your friends by sending them the messages that they will not recognize the sender. Also you can reveal some secrets using this cool trick to send messages anonymously. Hope you like our work, do share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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