How To Set Any Song As an iPhone Ringtone
How To Set Any Song As an iPhone Ringtone

How To Set Any Song As an iPhone Ringtone

Today we are here with a new trick for How To Set Any Song As an iPhone Ringtone As we know apple (iOS) is very much popular in all over the world and more than billion of people are using apple devices today. Now smart device like iphone and ipad are now most popular in the tech world. So in this post i will tell you a method by which you can set any of your favorite song as ringtone. As you might get bored from the traditional itunes ringtone. So to try out any of sound as ringtone just follow the below post.

How To Set Any Song As an iPhone Ringtone

How To Set Any Song As an iPhone Ringtone
How To Set Any Song As an iPhone Ringtone

This method will give you alternative of itunes to set your favorite sound as ringtone in iphone. Just follow up the below steps to proceed.

Steps To Set Any Song As an iPhone Ringtone

  1. First of all launch the itunes app of your PC.
  2. Now import any of sound to itunes which you want to make your iphone’s ringtone and right click on the sound and click on get info.
  3. As apple allows only 30 second of sound to set is as ringtone, so under the option tab set the start time and end time of your sound. and after that click on ok.
  4. Now again right click on the same track and select Create AAC version and in seconds itunes will covert that sound in the same format and generate a duplicate copy of that.
  5. Now right click on the track(short one) that has been converted and select show in window explorer option.
  6. Now the sound will be highlighted with blue color rename it from extension .m4a to .m4r and select yes in the pop up that appears.
  7. Now put this file in your itunes library and then connect your iphone with your pc and wait for itunes to detect it.
  8. Now sync all the library data with your iphone and then after remove your iphone from pc.
  9. Now when you open settings->sounds there you will see your ringtone at the top, set it as your default ringtone.
  10. Thats it you are done, selected tone will be set as ringtone.

So above is all about How To Set Any Song As an iPhone Ringtone. By following some simple steps discussed above you can easily set any of your favorite sound as ringtone of your iphone. And can enjoy your favorite tone while ringing of your iphone. hope you like the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you facing any trouble at any step discussed above.


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