How to Transfer Files on LAN

Today, many of you share files with your friends, movies, games, music, or anything else you share with them. But the most common way you use is sharing by the external storage devices like USB pen drive or external hard drives etc.

But the major issue with them is that sometimes they don’t give you the specific speed like these devices give speed upto 4-5 Mbps at normal cases.

So here we are with a method to transfer files between two near computers on a similar network. So just read out the below method to proceed.

Steps to Transfer/Share Files on LAN Fastly

By this method, you can easily transfer files with the computer on the same network, and the speed you will get can be upto 20-70 Mbps data transfer which is far better than an external pen drive, etc.

  1. First of all, go to the control panel and then Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Now select Advanced Sharing Settings and check that the three options, network discovery, file and printer sharing, and public folder sharing, must be turned on.
  3. Now scroll down and Turn off password-protected sharing and check the Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers.
  4. Now open windows explorer, and there you will see the computers connected with you on the same network.
  5. Now select the computer which you want to access to copy files and folders.
  6. Now you will access all the public drives of that computer and then transfer any of the files with the high-speed data transfer.
  7. That’s it; you are done now. You will be able to send the file remotely without any hardware drives.

With this method, you will transfer any files like movies, music, videos, and lots more with high-speed data transfer without any need for external hard drives.

I hope you like our method, don’t forget to share this cool post with your friends, and leave a comment below if you face any trouble at any of the steps discussed above.


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