Android provides users with far more features and customization options than any other mobile operating system. We have already shared many articles on Android customization, like the best Android launcher apps, the best icon packs for Android, etc.

This article will cover another Android customization trick that would help you turn your wallpaper into a live widget. Yes, you read that right! You can display widget-based live wallpapers on your Android home screen.

Turn your Android Smartphone’s Wallpaper Into a Live Widget

To set the Android wallpaper into a live widget, we will use an Android app called Meter. It’s a live wallpaper app that displays your device’s battery level, wireless signal, and several notifications in a simple visualization. So, let’s check out how to use the Meter app on Android.


  • Displays battery-level live wallpaper.
  • Displays wireless signals on live wallpaper.
  • Displays the number of notifications on your device in a simple visualization.
  • Wallpaper Change with every unlocks and tilting of android.

Steps To Set Android Wallpaper Into A Live Widget:

1. First, download and install a cool android app, Meter, on your android device. Now launch the app after installing it on your device.

Install Meter app on Android

2. Now, choose the Meter live wallpaper in Settings->Wallpaper->Live Wallpaper, and you are done. If you are using android 5.0 or above, you must browse through the settings. It will automatically bring you a pop-up asking for permission.

Grant the permissions

3. After granting permission, you need to click on “Set wallpaper“.

Tap on the 'Set Wallpaper' button

4. Now on your home screen, you will see live wallpaper with battery level, wireless signal, and a number of notifications of your device in a simple visualization.

The live wallpaper widget on home screen

This visualization will keep on changing with every tilting and unlock your android device. Enjoy the cool look in your android and have fun.

So above is all about Turn your Android Smartphone’s Wallpaper Into a Live Widget. With this app, you can easily change your android’s home screen look and make it more attractive. I hope you like this, do share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.