How To Unjailbreak Iphone 2015
How To Unjailbreak Iphone 2015

You just have to follow the below method to Unjailbreak your iPhone.

Like me there are so many iPhone lover in this world and about 90% of Iphone are jailbreaked. But there is a maor problem with jailbreatk that Jailbreak iPhone voids your warrant and service center is not responsible for any issue in your phone. Although Jailbreak enables many hidden features of Iphone but still unjailbreak is better. So in this post i will share you the method to Unjailbreak your android. By this you can easily unjailbreak your iphone and can claims your warranty of your Iphone from apple service centre. Like jailbreak Unjailbreak process is also simple.

How To Unjailbreak iPhone


  •  itunes software in computer
  •  Usb data Cable of your iPhone
  •  Jailbreaked Iphone

Methods To Unjailbreak iPhone:

#1 Method:-Using itunes

In this method we will first backup all our Iphone data and then put Iphone in factory mode and after deleting everything we will be restoring all data.

  1. Plug your phone into computer and backup your iPhone.
  2. To do this, click on the iPhone tab in the upper right. On this screen click on Back Up Now. Do this even if you back up the iPhone to iCloud as a local restore is a better option here to backup your phone.
  3. Now when the backup is a complete look at the Restore iPhone option on the same screen of itunes.As this will restore the iPhone to factory settings.
  4. Now when prompted choose to restore from a backup and follow the instructions to restore the backup you just made to the iPhone or iPad?
  5. Now Sync the iPhone or iPad with the computer to complete the restore and install the apps and music from before the restore and you phone will now get completed reset.

Thats it you are complete with Unjailbreak Iphone. Now you can claim your warranty.

#2 Method:- Using DFU mode of Iphone

DFU is Device Firmware Upgrade Mode. This mode is preffered whrn itunes don’t detect your phone or your phone not start in boot mode.

  1. Hold the Power button on the device for 3 seconds.
  2. Now keep holding the Power button and start pressing the Home button of your iphone. Now hold both for 10 seconds.
  3. Keep holding the Home button and release the Power button and hold the Home button until iTunes notifies you that a device in recovery mode has been detected.
  4. Now find your device on itunes and your device will be there and now you have to repeat the process discussed  in above method.

So above are the two methods for How To Unjailbreak iPhone. By using these methods you can easily Unjailbreak your Iphone and it will enable your phone to claim your warrant if it is still is in warrant period.And also by Unjailbreak Iphone all the official updates of your device will be automatically get update on your phone and there will be no need of manual updation. don’t forget to share this post.


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