Like every other social networking site, Facebook also follows strict rules for protecting people from poor experiences and supporting meaningful connections. A few specific things are not allowed on the platform, like adult content, offensive or harsh words, etc.

If Facebook detects you are doing things that are not allowed, it will warn you without further restrictions. However, it will remove the post or content, voiding the rules. If Meta keeps removing posts repetitively that go against Facebook’s community standards, it applies additional strikes to your account.

As a result, you may lose access to a few features of your Facebook account for a few days. While Facebook is clear that these restrictions apply to Facebook accounts, in some cases, the restrictions may extend to pages. Facebook restrictions are temporary but can prevent you from using some of the key features of social networking platforms.

What exactly is a Restricted Facebook Account?

What exactly is a Restricted Facebook Account?

Well, a restricted Facebook account or a Facebook restriction is simply an account found violating the rules & community guidelines set by Facebook.

Facebook restrictions are temporary limitations and very different from account bans. When a Facebook account is restricted, you won’t be able to comment, like, or share a post.

Facebook usually puts ten or more strikes on your account, and each strike leads to different sets of Restrictions. Here’s what restrictions each strike on Facebook account brings

One Strike: The first strike on a Facebook account usually sends you a warning.

Two to Six Strikes: If your account received two to six strikes, you will be restricted from some features, like posting in groups for a limited time.

Seven Strikes: If your account received 7 strikes, you would get a one-day restriction from creating new content. You won’t be able to post, comment, or create a page.

Eight Strikes: 8 strikes on a Facebook account lead to 3-day restrictions from creating content.

Nine Strikes: 9 Strikes lead to 7-day restrictions from creating content.

Ten or More Strikes: 10 or more strikes lead to a 30-day restriction from creating content.

Why Is My Facebook Account Restricted?

Many things can lead to Facebook Account Restricted. Meta usually restricts a Facebook account when it’s found sharing inappropriate content, received multiple reports from other users, or found violating rules of the social networking platform.

While it’s difficult to mention all the reasons for Facebook account restrictions, we have listed the most common ones. Here are the reasons why Facebook may restrict your account.

  • You are using your account to share abusive content.
  • Users on Facebook are reporting your account or friend request as Spam.
  • Sharing offensive or not allowed content on messages.
  • Doing suspicious things like sending mass friend requests, messages, etc.
  • Your account is logged in on many devices at the same time.
  • Doing activities that go against Facebook’s community standard.
  • Sharing illegal, adult, or content that promotes violence & crime.

If you want to know all the reasons that lead to Account Restriction, you can check out this page from Facebook.

How To Unrestrict Facebook Account?

If you feel that your Facebook Account is restricted by mistake, you can do a few things to revoke the restrictions. You can unrestrict your Facebook account by appealing to Facebook.

You need to fill out a form and ask Facebook to review the decision. Your Facebook account will be unrestricted within a few hours if you’re innocent. Here’s how to unrestrict Facebook.

1. Open your favorite web browser on your desktop.

2. When the browser opens, open

3. Now open this Facebook Review Page.

4. You will see the My Personal Account Was Disabled form. Don’t worry; this form works on unrestricting Facebook accounts as well.

Facebook Review Page

5. Simply enter your details like the email address, phone number, full name, etc.

email address, phone number, full name

6. Scroll down a bit and attach a copy of your ID.

attach a copy of your ID

7. After filling in all details, click on Send.


That’s it! Your appeal will be sent to Facebook. Facebook will review your appeal, and if your account was restricted by mistake, you will get your account back with no restrictions.

How do you avoid Facebook account restrictions in the future?

Now that you know what Facebook account restriction is and how to unrestrict a Facebook account, it’s time to follow these simple tips to avoid any strikes in the future.

  • Don’t send spam friend requests and messages to anyone you don’t know.
  • Always make sure to check active devices at regular intervals.
  • Don’t share content that’s now allowed on the platform, like adult content, abusive words, or objects that promote violence, etc.
  • Avoid using bots to perform actions like sending friend requests in bulk, sending bulk messages, etc.
  • Don’t share content that promotes the selling/buying of restricted goods.
  • Don’t share content related to Self-Injury, Suicidal, and Eating disorders.
  • Sharing of copyrighted content is not allowed.
  • Don’t do things that promote hate speech, spam, misinformation, bullying, etc.

If you can follow all these things, you won’t face any Facebook account restrictions issues in the future. So, make sure to follow these rules to keep your account safe & secure.

So, this guide is all about how to unrestrict Facebook accounts in easy steps. Let us know if you need more help in unrestricting your Facebook account. Also, if you find this guide helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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