We all know very well that increasingly, operating system users are aware of their privacy and reject all attempts to collect unauthorized information. However, recently, the well-known multinational information technology company, HP caught installing spyware on Windows 10 PCs without permission.

OMG! HP Caught Installing Spyware On Windows 10 PCs Without Permission

Increasingly, operating system users are aware of their privacy and reject all attempts to collect unauthorized information. This scenario was seen in Windows 10 but has continued since then at other times.

The latest complaint comes on the side of HP, where users of their computers have now seen new software come in, installed without authorization and for gathering information.

There are already many complaints that users of HP machines have been presenting. According to them, a recent update installed on their machines a new software, which is performing various functions, not all of them beneficial to you and your machines.

A serious problem with unauthorized installation of software

The information that exists describes that around November 15 an update installed a new spyware, as many call it, named “HP Touchpoint Analytics Service”. According to the official description of the same, this comes to ensure the security of all the devices it manages and give the user less worries.

The truth is that this new service and application are being installed without any information to users and without their consent. Even worse, HP is reportedly collecting and sending equipment information to HP, also without information to users and their consent.

The negative impact of this HP update

There are also reports that this new application is causing performance problems on the machines where it is installed. Many revealed that they observed applications to be opened and closed on a recurring basis, as well as performing hardware tests on the main components of the machines.

These tests are part of the information that is being collected and transmitted to HP, but which ultimately have a negative impact on the performance of computers.

This update can be easily removed from the machines where it was installed using the Windows application manager. There is no official comment has been made yet, either recognizing this or stating its reasons for doing so. The truth is that this is a breach of the basic rules of privacy, even more so with users so aware of this reality.

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