The Software and products manager of American multinational information technology Company HP (Hewlett-Packard), Christian Jones, said that the new HP remote graphical tool would allow Mac users to control all the power of HP Z workstations. According to the sources, HP will equip it with 44-core processors, and HP is ready to upgrade your Mac.

A new tool called RGS will allow Mac users to use applications like OS X and Windows or Linux applications.

HP Will Turn Your Mac Into 44-Core Windows PC

With the help of the owners of Apple, computers can connect to HP workstations from anywhere in the world to carry out remote sessions, work together in real-time, and check and make changes in projects.

Users are encouraged to work remotely with 2D and 3D graphics, video and multimedia content, and other media business applications.

The company noted that data transfer rates up to 60 frames per second, even at the high-quality color on a 4K monitor or multiple monitor configurations.

The manager of HP Software and products, Christian Jones, said, “Using the RGS to connect with MacBook Pro Workstation HP Z840, it’s like 9 times increase the number of cores, 30 times more memory and add professional graphics card Nvidia Quadro.

Users can perform rendering, work with special effects, and edit ultra-high-resolution video content faster than before. HP RGS uses 256-bit encryption for data security: only transmitted encrypted image and proprietary information remains on the workstation or in the data center”.

RGS will enable engineers, artists, animators, and scientists to use all the functions, files, and applications on a workstation, the company noted. The director of Commercial Solutions and Retail Solutions Division, EMEA, HP Inc.

Gwen Coble said, “Our customers needed a more compact and affordable workstation, and, of course, we can not ignore their wishes; Z1 makes the capabilities of modern workstations accessible to more people. HP RGS Receivers for Mac OS will allow users of Apple computers to integrate the powerful HP Z workstation in its work”.

RGS Receiver for Mac OS will be available in the summer of 2016 free of charge to users of workstations HP Z Series.


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