Huawei: Smartphones Do Not Need More Than 4GB Of RAM
Huawei: Smartphones Do Not Need More Than 4GB Of RAM

Recently, Huawei executive, Lao Shi stated that 4GB of RAM is enough on a smartphone for it to work and perform smoothly. Not only that as the Huawei official also added that many Huawei smartphones work much better with 4GB of RAM.

Huawei: Smartphones Do Not Need More Than 4GB Of RAM

Recent years have shown that smartphone manufacturers are betting on hardware enhancement, giving them more and more memory and more powerful processors.

Most agree with this policy, although it does not always prove to be really useful. Huawei has now come to give its opinion and show that smartphones do not need more than 4GB of RAM.

Huawei executive Lao Shi, who came out to the public to show the company’s opinion, revealing that the limit of 4GB of RAM in smartphones is sufficient these days as more than 4 GB RAM is only for Psychological Comfort.

According to the official of the Chinese brand, the presence of 6GB of RAM in a device is only a comfort as we told earlier that is given to users and in almost all cases this amount of memory is not used.

To reach this conclusion, Lao Shi was based on tests conducted by Huawei with its Kirin 960 processor and showed that the combination of 4GB of RAM and 128GB of memory had better performances than smartphones with 6GB of RAM in long-term tests.

The official of the Chinese brand also added that the user experience does not depend on the amount of RAM available, but is directly related to the quality of the software and, more importantly, to the optimization it has.

As an example was mentioned the iOS that, with less RAM than the competitors, manages to have a better performance. Lao Shi said that this rampant increase in RAM only serves to sustain the increase in device prices.

Although contradictory, this is a position that Huawei seems to take firmly. Already in 2015, it had been shown on the 4K screens in smartphones and recently it has shown the VR tech. Let’s see how long Huawei can withstand increasing the memory of its smartphones.

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