How To Increase iPhone Battery Life

Today more than billions of people are using smartphones in this computer world, and many depend on them for their work.

The major issue with the laptops is the battery life as they are made to get rid of wires, and what if our laptop is not giving good battery backup?

Steps to Increase iPhone Battery Life

So to resolve this issue, we are here with the tips or methods by which you can boost up the laptop’s battery backup. Just follow up on the below post to proceed.

Turn on iOS 9’s low-power mode

iOS 9’s new feature minimizes power requirements when your remaining battery is 20%. Apple declares a new mode so you can use your iPhone further for three hours.

The Low Power Mode isn’t the default choice that happens automatically. When you have a low battery, you will see a warning flash on your phone and the option to turn on the Low Power Mode.

It was noticed over on Birchtree through tests and found that battery life at midnight in normal mode was 17%, and after turning on the Low Power Mode, it came to 49%.

Go to Settings> Battery > Turn on Low Power Mode for this. Turning on The Low Power Mode helps reduce power consumption, stop mail fetch, Background App fresh, Automatic Downloads, etc.

Which apps are using the Battery?

Notice which apps are the biggest battery drainers in iOSp and 8. For this, Go to the:
Settings> General > Battery, scroll down and see which apps have drained your battery life in the past 24 hours or the last 7 days.

The Most frequently used apps are Facebook, which consumes more power, and Safari, which seems to be the most draining. As not all the apps are the drainers, perhaps there are some. See the background activity of Facebook in the next point.

Facebook draining iPhone battery

Experts noticed that the Facebook iOS app utilizes many resources in the background to carry out the processes. The real issue is that Battery Drain occurs even if iPhone users have the background app disabled in Settings> General > Background App Refresh.

We checked our battery usage in Settings > Battery and found that the most hungry app is Facebook with 26%, even though Background App Refresh was turned off.

Increase battery life: turn down the brightness

iPhone 5s you are lifting around provides you a 1136*640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi that is not beyond an 11in MacBookAir (1336*768), and both the iPhone 6s and 6s plus models have higher resolution.

The screen is one of the iOS device’s power drainers. Lessening the pixels on display requires a lot of energy. Brightness is considered the single biggest battery killer. At full brightness, an iPhone5 lasted 6 hours and 21 minutes.

When the screen is set to half brightness, the phone lasts 9 hours 48 minutes, which is a big difference we found. You can save battery life by adjusting the iPhone’s brightness. It’s upon you how much visibility is required with the brightness adjustment.

The slider fixes it in Control Center accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the display. You can adjust the brightness by dragging the slider as far left as possible but with the view in mind that it must leave your device usable.

Battery life can also be reduced if the Auto Brightness option is turned off. It can be checked by visiting the Settings app, accessing Display and Brightness, and ensuring that the Auto-Brightness is turned off. This will help you in reducing the battery life.

Save your battery: Auto-lock your iPhone

When the screen of your iPhone is on, it means you are consuming power. So ensure that when it is not in use, Turn off your screen for maximum battery life.

iOS 9 is updated to set the Auto-Lock to 30 seconds to get maximum Battery Life. Enter Settings> General> Auto-Lock and set it to 30 seconds of inactivity. This will increase the graph of the battery life over time.

If you wish that the battery life must not reduce, then be habitual of pressing the Sleep/ Wake button when not in use present at the top of the iPhone.

Get more battery life by turning on Airplane Mode

One of the biggest killers of the iPhone’s battery life is the antenna because it checks the nearby Wifi and cellular networks available. So, carrying your phone around will reduce its battery as it moves from one base station to another.

If you are not using a phone, i.e., any data accessing, making calls, receiving calls, and even not using GPS, turn your phone to flight mode. This will stop checking the nearby networks. It’s easy to carry out the flight mode by swiping on the Control center and tapping on the airplane icon in the top left corner.

If you want to access some data through Wifi, you can access it even if flight mode is turned on. This can be done, After Switching on Airplane mode, tapping the Wifi icon, and connecting to the Wifi network.

Extend battery life by disabling Wi-Fi

If you need a cellular connection but don’t need Wi-Fi, you can disable Wifi by swiping up to reveal Control Center and tapping the Wi-Fi to turn it off. This will help stop your iPhone from checking the nearby Wifi networks.

If the wifi network range is poor, the phone consumes more power to connect to the network and transmit and receive data. Another reason is that accessing data over 3g requires more power than accessing data over Wifi. Consequently, Apple quotes a dissimilar battery life of 3g compared to Wifi.

Stop iPhone battery drain: Disable Bluetooth

Bluetooth is also considered the most prominent Battery killer. If you are not using it or not connected to a headphone, speaker, or any other accessory, switch off your Bluetooth.

Swipe up on Control Center to check if Bluetooth is on; if it is so, you will find a B-like icon highlighted through white. Then Turn it off. In other, General> Bluetooth and set Bluetooth to off.

Turn off AirDrop to stop iPhone battery drain

iPhone service that requires Bluetooth is Airdrop. It’s a new feature in iOS7. Airdrop helps you transfer any data as files, photos, and videos, from nearby iPhone devices with the same part turned on.

It is considered a battery killer As it seeks nearby iPhone devices to hook up with. Turning off Airdrop in the Control Center will increase your phone’s battery life.

Turn down iPhone volume

It’s surprising thing the Volume setting to affects the battery life. If you are listening to music or other audio from your phone, turn it down.

You can save battery life by not playing music and other audio. You might switch to headphones that don’t consume more power than the iPhone’s internal speakers. Music Equalizer takes up more power. So to maximize battery life, Tap Settings > Music and make sure EQ is turned Off.

So, these are the few best and simple ways to increase iPhone Battery life. If you need more help in increasing your iPhone’s battery life, let us know in the comments below.


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