Instagram To Bring Ads On Profiles & Explore Page

Instagram is now bringing more ads to the platforms’ different sections, which you didn’t even expect before. These newly announced ads are going to place on the profile page and on the explore’s home page.

Also, there is two more new ad functionality that Meta has announced. Besides, the report also noted that users at least follow one business, which is true, but that doesn’t mean we want more ads.

Instagram Wants To Show You More Ads On New Spots & In New Ways

Instagram Wants To Show You More Ads On New Spots & In New WaysInstagram has announced these new ads format in their business announcements blog, and Meta’s Business Solutions also noted these changes.

Let’s start with our first ad spot, which is on the homepage of Explore Tab. As Meta has mentioned, businesses and individuals are now allowed to place ads on the homepage of Explore Tab.

For example, you can see the right part of the above image, where you can notice the advertisement in the highlighted part. Currently, Instagram also shows you ads in the Explore feed.

Besides, the company has also mentioned that they have started testing ads on the profile page, but they didn’t share what it will look like.

As of now, Instagram only shows ads in the feed and stories, and with these new changes, they have also aimed to bring ads into the grids too.

There is also a new multi-advertiser ads that is said to be AI-powered, and it will show you multiple ads with swipe ability, and these will be placed according to your interest from the different advertisers.

And you can see an example of it in the left part of the above image.

Separately, Meta has also announced a new type of ad, AR Ads, and the advertiser can place it in stories or feeds. This Augmented Reality ad is powered by Spark AR.

Metas New Augmented Reality ads

As the above images show, you can experience the displayed product at your place with AR Technology.


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