Instagram May Soon Let You Track Your Friend's Liked Posts

Instagram used to have a “following” section where we can see our friend activity likes and comments. But, the Meta-Owned company Instagram removed this feature back in 2019.

After three years, it looks like Instagram is working on a similar feature that lets you keep track of your friends’ liked posts. This time, Instagram will improve this feature and make it more helpful to users.

This feature will be getting its Tab in Explore section or maybe in the notification section in another tab as it used to.

Soon You Can Track Your Friend’s Liked Post on Instagram

Soon You Can Track Your Friend's Liked Post on Instagram

Earlier this week, App reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi spotted Instagram is currently working on a new section on the Explore page that could potentially showcase your friends’ liked posts.

Alessandro’s Twitter Post where he shared a screenshot of Instagram’s New feature:

As you might have guessed by now, Instagram is still working on this alleged “Liked by friends” section behind the scenes. The company has not officially confirmed the arrival of the feature. There’s a possibility that this feature may never see the light of day.

If Instagram decides to release this feature, it will be interesting to see if this section will be restricted to just your close friends or all your followers.


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