Instagram has launched a new “Guides” tab, which is available to limited wellness influencers. This new feature allows users to discover recommendations and other content from public figures. Guides is a tab in the users’ profile where they can create an article update from old videos and posts, including IGTV videos.


Instagram Update: New "Guides" Tab Gives Wellness Tips For Coronavirus
Instagram Update: New “Guides” Tab Gives Wellness Tips For Coronavirus

Guide tab feature allows the user to curate their content at a single place. As of now, this feature mainly focuses on wellness and mental health content which is Important during the ongoing Coronavirus.

Instagram posted a tweet; Guides is a new way to discover the recommended content. All these posts will educate viewers to take care of their own, relax, speak how they feel, and how to manage grief, anxiety and much more.

Instagram has rolled out Guides feature for both iOS and Android users. The user can access Guides posts via the Instagram web also.

Not all of the creators and organisations have received this feature. Only a few of the creators like Deepika Padukone, Click Safe, Heads Together, Headspace, Unicef and others have got this feature.

To see this content, you need to visit the Instagram page of the user’s profile and click on the Guides tab at the middle. The icon of the Guides looks like the open book. You can share these posts via DM or Instagram stories.


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