The tech giant Microsoft is testing new paths in Windows 10. Hence, it created Windows 10 Cloud, a lightweight Windows system and it comes with a limitation on installing desktop apps outside of the Windows Store. But, it is now possible to install apps outside Windows Store.

Desktop Apps Can Be Installed On Windows 10 Cloud

Microsoft is testing new paths in Windows 10. After covering the main platforms where it has its presence, now is the time to invest in other areas.

For this, it created Windows 10 Cloud, a system that will only run applications coming from its application store, rejecting all others. But the truth is that this functionality has already been circumvented, and Windows 10 Cloud can run all the applications created for Windows.

Windows 10 Cloud is an excellent example of Microsoft’s new policy, showing that there is still room for a dedicated system which were less powerful machines and that they just need to take some well-typed applications. The limitation is in universal applications that Microsoft wants users to get to the store, and the testers have already found while testing the Windows 10 Cloud.

All other applications, which run on Windows natively, are blocked in this release, for reasons that Microsoft has not yet presented. This will probably be the way to achieve a controlled system, with applications tailored to less powerful machines and thus achieve acceptable performance.

But this limit imposed by Microsoft took only a few days. After being released on the internet, unofficially and without the consent of Microsoft, there are already people those who have already managed to put the Windows 10 Cloud running Chrome and other applications obtained outside the Windows Store.

However, the way to get around this block was not yet revealed, but it is known that the way to launch the applications is through commands in Power Shell, thus getting around SmartScreen, which apparently helps in this protection against Win32 applications.

It is curious to see that the application-limiting protection that was implemented in Windows 10 Cloud is already broken and that it can be so at any time later. It is not known whether Microsoft will fix this or leave it open for you to use.

For most users who use Windows 10 Cloud, do not need to run Win32 applications because everything you need is in the Windows application store. This is the novelty of Windows 10 Cloud, which is apparently already outdated.


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