The graphic card market has grown up fast in the past few years. Nvidia and AMD launched many improved GPUs, but Intel joined the party.

The processor company Intel launched its first desktop graphics card in China, a mid-budget powerful GPU.

Intel’s new graphics card is based on X-HGP. The Intel Arc 380 is the first graphic card of its Arc A-series 3 visual desktop brand.

Intel Arc A380 Graphics Card Specifications

Intel Arc 380 Graphics Card Specifications
Gunnir’s Intel Arc 380 GPU

Intel Arc 380 desktop graphic card has an 8-Xe core and a dual-slot design. This new desktop graphic card utilizes 6GB GDDR6 memory clocked at 16 Gbps.

Also, It has 192GB higher memory bandwidth and gets a 96-bit memory bus. Similarly, it possesses an aluminum block as a heatsink sitting over the ACM-G11 GPU configuration.

It has a single 8-pin power connector and four display connectors: three display connectors and one HDMI. The company said Arc 380 would be 25 % faster than its competitor AMD’s Radeon RX 6400.

Furthermore, based on the frequency feature, Intel Arc would be faster than its reference A380. It has a base clock of 2000 MHz and 75W TBP by default. Also, it possesses a maximum clock range of 2450 MHz.

As Gunnir reports, The GPU from Intel’s Arc series would have three fans, but there is no confirmation whether it is A770 or A780.

Even though A380 is the entry-level GPU, it still supports mainstream gamers and content creators.

Reportedly, Intel offers a set of gaming benchmarks that provide 1080p gaming at 60 FPS and above popular titles such as League of Legends, PUBG, and many others.

The Intel Arc 380 will only be available from partners ASUS, MSI, GUNNIR, Gigabyte, HP, and Acer this month in China.

Availability & Price

Intel Arc 380 GPU has officially launched in China and will be available later this month. It has a price tag of 1030 yuan ($153) in China. Currently, there is no update for other countries.


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